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Oct 4, 2011
I changed jobs nearly two years ago. I moved from a really high velocity team at Frame to a Atlassian. At the time I thought that the velocity we had at Frame was the norm, and I was quite comfortable with it. It suited me to get lots of stuff done. I don't think we rushed ahead at the price of quality. Lets face it, software is always a 'banana product' in that it needs to ripen at the customer's house. We shipped bugs, for sure, but we were also very quick at fixing them. This blog post is about how I've come to deal with a significantly lower pace at Atlassian.
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Sep 23, 2009

With so many users and bloggers loving flex, I thought I'd balance the coverage a bit. I list here my personal opinions, if you think otherwise that is fine, just don't try to convince me I am wrong. Many people have tried and so far I have not budged, it has rather confirmed my hatred for flex. The thoughts and opinions listed here are my own, and only mine. If you think I represent anyone else but myself here don't continue reading.

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