Biking and gardening
Sep 14, 2019
We slept to about nine today. After breakfast we walked over to granny for morning tea. We left there about twenty to eleven, we walked home and got everyone ready and then Sofia and I biked to Blaxland while Jessica and the others drove. We met them at the bike shop and we handed Sofia's bike in for its service (it was due for the 'one month after purchase service'. We went shopping and then I biked home while the others drove. I made good time home, about ten minutes. It is not often I get to go on the highest gear so it was nice. We had lunch and then I had a shower. After that we did some gardening and before we knew it, it was time to have fika. After fika I quickly prepared dinner and then rushed down and spoke to my parents. From there it was normal evening routine with dinner and stuff.