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Dec 8, 2018

Everyone was tired today and slept to about seven thirty. We got up around eight and had breakfast. After breakfast we walked to granny for morning tea and cake. After that we came home and hung laundry. I made gingerbread dough, and then we had lunch. After lunch I made saffron buns. It took all day. I was in the kitchen from around 11 to about 17. It was a good outcome though, fresh buns is always nice. I spoke with parents as usual, and then we had normal evening routine.

Dec 7, 2018

I got up and made the train, which was good. I did not sleep on the train today. At work I had mostly meetings. I did get some work done but mostly meetings. We went out for yum-cha for lunch which was nice. After lunch it was more meetings. I then had a gap until four and then meeting to just before five. I left the office at five and made the 17.31 train home. On the train I just played open TTD. In Glenbrook I swung by the shops and bought Jessica some Baileys. I walked home, dropped my bag and then went to number thirty for dinner and then birthday cake for Jane. After gift opening and all that we came home and put the kids to bed.

Dec 6, 2018

I got up and made the train. I must have fallen asleep on the train as I thought we were idling a long time in Blacktown, but it turned out we had stopped at Central and everyone had gotten off the train. At the office I had a few pages to write and some code to do. I set about doing that. I had lunch with Paul Curren and it was a good session. After that I had another meeting, about sshd this time. After that I spoke to Hendrik about a decision we need to make. I also met with Anton on an issue. I then went back to my code for a little while. I left the office to be on the 16.04 train home which was very nice, feels like a long time since I was on that train. On the train I did more JS training.

Dec 5, 2018

I slept in somewhat today and was only at the office at quarter to seven. I set to work. I woke up Jessica at about seven thirty and we then got on with our respective morning tasks, me doing work she's getting people ready (with my help). We had breakfast and then saw the kids off for school. I had standup and meeting until about 12.20. I had lunch with Jessica and Frida and then returned to work. I wrapped up around three after eight hours of work. I quickly got stuff up into the attic and then started making afternoon fika. Bryan, Christine and Jane arrived around 15.25 or so and Jessica arrived around 15.30 and we had cake and birthday celebrations. From there it was a quick call with parents and then normal evening.

Dec 4, 2018

Evie came in around quarter past six or so, I think she was a bit cold. I got up and was at the office around quarter to seven. I had a new and difficult task to do so I started on it. I had breakfast with the girls and saw them off for school. Jessica went to her mum's for some morning tea. She came home and muddled about at home and we had lunch together on the deck. After lunch I went to work and she went to the shop. I kept working all day. We had a delivery at two and Jessica came home pretty much right after. I went and picked up Frida from pre-school at about 15.17, she didn't want to come home. We arrived home at the same time as Jessica and the girls. We had fika together and then we baked a cake for tomorrow and did general kitchen duties until it was dinner time. We had dinner and then put the kids to bed.

Dec 3, 2018

I got up and made the train. I have changed my wfh days now to be Tuesday and Wednesday. At the office I cleared up a few things that had been dragging. We had standup at ten twenty and then a discussion on 'things'. I had to leave early to attend a 1:1 with Lucy. It was good, as always. After that it was nearly lunch. I had lunch with the greater team before I went out and got more plaster and looked for boxes. I returned with plaster but no boxes. At the office I wrote pages. In the late afternoon we spoke about 'next set of steps' which made me late. I left the office at 16.00 and made the 16.31 train home. On the train I did more JS training.

Dec 2, 2018

We got up and had breakfast, after breakfast we went to the pool. We were there for an hour or so before heading home for morning tea. Sofia and Evie practised swimming, with Sofia doing more practise than Evie. After morning tea we hung laundry and got on with all the chores of the day, we had laundry to hang, rubbish to do. We also did some gardening, trimming plants. Back inside Sofia desperately wanted to bake a cake so we told her that she could bake a cake after she had a shower and we'd have the cake for desert. She grumpily accepted. With her out of the shower he had afternoon tea. After that we did some shopping before it was time to cook dinner. We were a bit late so I ended up eating dinner while talking to farmor and farfar. From there it was a pretty normal evening.

Dec 1, 2018

Evie came in at about quarter past five to tell us her throat didn't hurt any more. She then went back to bed and we got up around eight thirty. After breakfast we wandered over to granny for some morning tea. Back home we had lunch. After lunch Jessica had a shower and we had earlier said that she would take Evie and Sofia to the shop to get some new shoes. We did talk about it and decided to have early fika and that they would go after, so we baked some cookies and then Frida and I went to the park. We spent a good 40 minutes at the park. Back home we sat down for some second fika and then I started all the things for cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen and that. Jessica and the girls came home not long after. We had dinner together and then put all the girls to bed.

Nov 30, 2018

I got up and made my train. At work I implemented the design I had rubber ducked with Chandra yesterday. We also had the weekly town-hall. Nothing much really happened. During standup I was asked to demo what we've been working on, which meant I needed to make some quick slides and also figure out exactly what I was going to say. I had lunch with the greater team which was good. In the afternoon we had said demos. They made me late, I left the office at at about a quarter to five and missed the 17.01 by a smidgen. On the train I read a bit and played a bit of open ttd.

Nov 29, 2018

Evie came in early, she had a sore throat. I got up in time to make the train. It was nice and sunny, quite a difference from yesterday. At the office I had stuff to do. Distributed systems does give you food for thought. I had a quick 1:1ish thing with Lucy and then it was work all day. I had lunch with the greater team. After lunch we went for a cookie run to supplement the lunch. Back at the desk it was work. I rubber ducked a thing with Chandra before it was time to go home. I left the office almost in time to be on the normal train, but due to tunnel closures (flooding) I didn't make my train. On the train I did JS course.