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Apr 22, 2019
I tried to get up earlier today, but failed. I didn't get out of bed until 7.30. We had breakfast and then gave Sofia a shower. After she came out we went to the shops and bought some groceries. From there we came home and had morning tea. After morning tea we gave Evie and Frida a bath. With that out of the day it was a short pause on chores. We then had lunch. After lunch I showered. With that done we cooked dinner (yep, getting in early!) With that done we had afternoon tea. After afternoon tea we did more chores around the house. It was a fairly boring day. Jessica showered and then we made dinner. We put the kids to bed normal time and had a quiet evening.

Apr 21, 2019
The kids came in around six thirty or so, all very eager to run around the house and find what the Easter bunny had left. We made them wait until seven. We got up around seven and the kids set to finding all the eggs. We had breakfast and then had some chocolate. After breakfast we started cooking. We spent the morning cooking. At around twelve the Egans came over and we had lunch together. We had hazelnut soup for starters and then potato mousaka for mains. It was nice. They stayed a tad long though. They left around two. After that we sat down for a bit and then had afternoon tea. After tea we did some chores, rubbish and whatnot. Frida helped clean the kitchen. She and I then started making dinner. We also made apple ice cream. We had dinner and then tried to put the kids to bed, they needed lots of time today, they were packing for Oberon and being generally excited. We did get them to bed eventually.

Apr 20, 2019
We slept in fairly long today, didn't get out of bed until past 8.30. After breakfast Jessica went into Penrith to get her second cousin a d birthday gift. It was quite busy on the roads coming home. She thought we'd catch the train, but I did not really think it would be worth it. So much travel for almost no time there. In the end I convinced her that we would stay home, so stay home we did. We had morning tea and then spoke about what to do with the day. We decided to go to the movies so we had a quick lunch and then walked down to the village. We saw Wonderland, I think all kids enjoyed it. We walked home, stopped in a park on the way home and then had afternoon tea. After afternoon tea I spoke to farmor and farfar as usual for saturday. In the evening Jessica went over to granny to discuss tomorrow with them. She was supposed to talk about Oberon, but forgot.

Apr 19, 2019
We slept in today. Jessica and Sofia went for a walk around seven and Evie came in around eight. We then got up and had breakfast. We did laundry and things. We had morning tea and then hung said laundry. I played some PS4 which was nice. We had lunch and then I sent Jessica to the shower while I baked a cake. Frida came and helped. Sofia was busy writing a script for a movie she's making. After fika I tried to make Sofia practise. We did a dress rehearsal, but Sofia is not much for doing things properly, she rather gets it down quickly. After four or five dress rehearsals we finally got it done. We did five or six takes before we came in and made dinner. After dinner it was the usual stuff until bedtime.

Apr 18, 2019
I got up and made it to the office at 7. I was working from home today again. I did my usual stuff in the morning. At about 10.30 we left for pre-school and attended Frida's hat parade. Spyro spoke to us so it took nearly an hour to get out. I returned to work for about half an hour. Had lunch (the girls went to the club for lunch). I walked down quickly so we could get a form signed and then came home and returned to work. I had an interview in the afternoon that dragged on a bit it finished at about 16.00. By then I had completed a whole eight hour day (actually nine, but I was away for an hour for hat parade). I stopped work and had fika with the kids. Jessica and Sofia went to the shops and Frida, Evie and I did some household chores and then played some KH 3. From there it was dinner and bed routine.

Apr 17, 2019
I woke up around six but didn't get up until about quarter to seven. I was at the office at around seven. I had some more administrative type things to do i the morning so I did them. It took much longer than I really expected but I did finish them. I had lunch with the girls and then returned to work. I had planned to stop at lunch to make up for a long week last week, but I failed. I felt I just needed to do one thing. I stopped at around two and did some JS. I then had afternoon tea with the kids. I managed to get some PS4 time in and then returned to work for an hour long meeting at 16.30. I wrapped up shortly after 17.30 having done eight hours of work. I did some prep work to root and upgrade my old phone and then it was dinner time and before we knew it, bed time.

Apr 16, 2019
I got up and made the train. At the office I had a quick morning routine and then I paired with Martin. We continued pairing all day. During lunch we wrote some fiction and then paired more. I did have two meetings which broke the pairing up a bit. There was also a custard filled chocolate egg. I had one, but they were big and were made out of milk chocolate, I didn't eat it all, but it still made me feel a bit sick after. I left the office a little it late so I missed the 16.02 by not much, but I knew before I left so I didn't have to run. On the train i contemplated what I would do, and in the end decided to just play open ttd.

Apr 15, 2019
I got up and made the train. For this week I have swapped Monday and Thursday working from home days so I can attend Frida's hat parade. At work I did stuff. Not much I can write about. Justin was back from Summit so it was good to talk to him about that. I spoke to Imran about his stance on a few things. I had lunch alone which is unusual, I then returned to work and paired with Martin for the rest of the day. It was good. I left the office in time to be on the 16.02 train home. On the train I did some js charting and then played open ttd for a bit.

Apr 14, 2019
Jessica went for a walk with both the big kids this morning, Frida and I stayed in bed. We got up and had breakfast with the other girls once they were home. After breakfast we went outside and did some gardening. We pruned trees before lunch. They look better, we've been neglecting pruning for some time so they will need to be pruned again soon once they've recovered from the shock of today. We had lunch outside and then did more gardening. I got rid of the dilapidated fence between us and the Baylies. It was pretty hard work actually. Sofia and I then got three of the 8 star pickets out, it was even harder work. We came in and had some afternoon tea and then Jessica and Evie went to the shop to get supplies for dinner and rabbit. I played some Minecraft with Sofia while they were gone. With them home I cooked hazelnut soup. It was nice. From there we gave Frida a bath and then put them all to bed. It was a good day, got lots of stuff done.

Apr 13, 2019
I woke up reasonably early (around six) but I snoozed on and off to about seven or so. We got up and had breakfast. Sofia went to a friend's birthday party at 9.30 and we hung laundry baked some cookies and then went to granny for morning tea (some of this had started before Sofia went). We came home and I baked more cookies. We had lunch and after lunch we did some gardening. We planted seeds and bulbs and mowed some green mulch. At about two twenty we left home and went down to the village for afternoon tea, we also went to the shops. While in the village Sofia came back, she was dropped off down to us and we went home together. I spoke to farmor and farfar as usual and we then had dinner and bed.