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Jun 18, 2019
I got up and made the train. I was quite tired so snoozed quite well on the train. At the office I continued with my project. It is 20% week which is a nice pause from normal work. During lunch we watched a course on how to write a sci-fi novel. It felt very basic and "overviewy" not really covering anything new. After lunch I did a bit of work and then met Joey for a quick walk and chat. Back in the office I had a video call with a team member in Gdansk. It ended early which was good as that allowed me to leave just in time to miss the 16.01 train. On the 16.17 train home I wrote more pw2 driver and then watched some GTC keynote.

Jun 17, 2019
I struggled out of bed at 6.30 and was at work not long after. I set to work right away. I had breakfast with the kids. Evie had a meltdown during breakfast but we dealt with it. I had a meeting at 9.15 to talk thing through with Martin. Frida was home watching TV, little sickie. Mind you I think she's well today, but not well enough for pre-school. I worked until about ten to twelve, I had a quick shower and then Jessica and I went to Penrith and met Naomi for lunch. It was good. I came home again at 13.30 and returned to work. I worked until ten to three, having done eight hours (or 7.5 actually, given I had a bit of a longer lunch than last time). I finished kingdom hearts 3! It was a good game, the story telling is superb I must say. So many layers in the story. I'm glad I did play them all.. or rather I still have a few older ones to re-visit but I am glad I've played it. From fika it was much of a normal afternoon and then dinner and bed. Today we started early so we watched a movie before bed.

Jun 16, 2019
We slept to about eight today, all of us. Evie was much better today which was good. The weather was miserable, dark and raining all day. We should not really complain, as we really do need the rain. After morning tea I went out and got the wet school uniforms off the line and hung them up inside. I then tried the PS4 remote play on the computer, and it worked really well. We then had lunch. After lunch it was boring stuff in the house, cleaning up and stuff. After fika Jessica and I played a bit of minecraft. We then made dinner and from there it was normal evening routine until bedtime. It was a rather dark and boring day. But really we do need the rain so we should not complain.

Jun 15, 2019
I slept poorly, waking up more than once throughout the night. We got up around eight. After breakfast Sofia had a shower and then we took her down to a birthday party. We then came home and had late morning tea. After morning tea I finished an annoying level in Little Big Planet 3 (it was harder in two player than single player). We then went and got Sofia. Back home we had lunch. After lunch we sent little sick Evie to bed and she slept for a bit. I baked a cake and then finished the second difficult level in Little Big Planet 3 (again easier in single player). We had fika and then it was time to talk to farmor and farfar. From there dinner and then bed for the girls. Frida is much better, Evie is probably at her worst now. We'll see how the rest of us goes.

Jun 14, 2019
I got up and made the train. At work I had a morning to do stuff which was nice. We were supposed to go for team lunch but it got moved, so instead Martin, Kristy and I went to the GPO for lunch. It was nice to be out with a little group and not the whole team. Back at the office we had meetings, first demo and then sprint planning. After meetings it was about an half hour until home time so I quickly finished up what I was working on. I left the office in time to be on the 16.02 train which was good. On the train I did mostly powerwall 2 driver and then played a bit of game.

Jun 13, 2019
I got up and made the train, it was surprisingly warm. After a quiet morning I had surprisingly little time to do actual work. I had a quick sparring session with Kristy, standup, then 1:1 then going out with Matt, and then an interview. The interview finished at 15.00 or so. From there it was not much time left to get things done. I left the office in time to be on the 16.02 train home. On the train I did some powerwall2 driver work. I went to the shops and then picked up Sofia on the way home.

Jun 12, 2019
I slept in, it was oh-so-hard to get out of bed. I was not at the office until 6.40 today. I did some work. I saw the girls off to school. Frida was unwell so she stayed home and watched a movie while I worked. I had a quick morning tea with Jessica before returning to work. Today was pretty much annual review time. I spent the vast majority of today on writing feedback for others. I did get it all done though, which was good. I had lunch with Jessica and Frida and after lunch we moved some bookshelves around and moved the old TV down to the play area. It is ok. It is a temporary solution which is good for now. I returned to work and finished my day. I wrapped up after eight hours. I then made a cake, and cleaned the kitchen. Evie had a friend over. I had a shower and then cooked dinner. Evie friend left before dinner and Jessica and Sofia went to the shops. We had dinner and then it was normal routine until bed.

Jun 11, 2019
I got up and made the train. It was not very cool today. At the office I finished off pairing with Martin and we then set to our individual tasks. I had my first meeting at 11.30 and then boardgames for lunch, after lunch it was back to back meetings until 16.45 or so. I left the office at 16.00 sharp and made the 16.17 train home. On the train I did some planning for my Weewx driver writing bonanza that is coming up and then played Baldur's gate 2 for a bit. At home Frida was sick, poor little girl. Sofia is unwell too but not quite as unwell.

Jun 10, 2019
We slept well and got up at around 8.30. We had breakfast and then got everyone ready and went to Penrith. We had fika and then the big girls had hair cuts while Frida and I went shopping. We took a smidgen longer than the hair cuts so we met Jessica and the girls outside the shop. We went home and had lunch. After lunch Frida and I baked bisconti. We also hung some laundry and such. After fika it was time for some home work while Jessica and I cleaned the kitchen and made dinner. After dinner we continued our usual routine with the girls massaging each other before bed. From there it was a bit of Kingdom Hearts 3 for me and then normal routine until bed.

Jun 9, 2019
We slept to about eight thirty. After breakfast we tried to get all the girls ready. They took some time so we had fika before we left home for the rink in Penrith. We spent about an hour there. Frida did not want to skate so she and Jessica hung around around the rink. We came home and had lunch. After lunch we did some gardening before Evie and I came in and made a cake. We had no eggs so we had to improvise a bit, but it turned out alright. We had fika and then I gave Frida and Evie a bath. From there I combed hairs before I finished cooking dinner. After dinner we made the girls massage each other. We then had normal routine until bed.