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Dec 14, 2017
I got up and made my train. At work I had some review feedback to attend to, so I did that. It was a fairly quiet day which was good. I did more of my other things which was good as well. During lunch the usual suspects played TransAmerica, which was pretty good. After lunch it was more of the same as before lunch. At about four we walked together to Event Cinemas on George St. There we watched the new Star Wars movie. It was ok, not brilliant, but not bad. It ran a bit too long though, the movie finished at 18.55 or so. I walked to town hall and made it to central with plenty of time to get on the 19.18 train home. On the train I was just too tired to do anything, really so I just played that stupid game. I think I've had enough of it now.

Dec 13, 2017
I got up and made my train. Today it was even on time! At the office I had my things to do, so I did my things. During lunch I played Dominion with the usual suspects. After lunch I helped out an intern with some Linux questions. Not much to talk about really today. I left the office in time to be on the 16.04 train home which was nice. On the train I finished writing my nano novel. It now has an ending. A bit abrupt but an ending nonetheless.

Dec 12, 2017
I slept to about six and made it to the office in time for about 6.30. I had just the usual things to do. One of my tasks require me to swap between vpn endpoints which is very, very tedious. Jessica went out in the morning for shopping and didn't return until the afternoon. I had lunch and then wrote some on my Nano, and also played some OpenTDD. The day was warm, but it was not too bad inside. I finished work at around three thirty after nine hours. I had intended to finish sooner but.. well stuff happened. Even so I still consider it a victory as I was home at three thirty! I started baking a batch of saffron buns to take to work, since it is Lucia tomorrow. From there it was dinner and then bed for everyone.

Dec 11, 2017
I got up and made my train. The train ran slow (I found out later it was due to a fatality along the tracks) so I was about 15min late for work. At work I had a bug to fix so I did that, technically I was just fixing up the implementation of the bug I fixed earlier. I then turned to my other task which was sys admin tasks. I had lunch and then went out and did some shopping for all my girls. Back at the office I did some more work and then the swedes went out for fika. It was good. Spoke some swedish which I don't do very often at the office. Back at work it was more, well work and then it was a late meeting, running between three and four. I missed the 16.18 by about four seconds (doors locked as I tried to open them). I was on the 16.33 instead. On the train I worked on my story and then played some OpenTDD.

Dec 10, 2017
We slept to about eight today, after breakfast we packed everyone into the car and drove down to the village with the intention of going to the toy shop. It didn't open until ten, so we had morning tea and then went and bought some things. Not what we came for, but that's how things are. We then drove to Blaxland and bought some groceries. Back home again it was pretty much lunch time so we got that rolling. After lunch I baked Saffron buns. It took me about three hours all up. I had help from three little girls to make the actual buns. While the dough was rising Evie and I built some Opera house. With the buns cooking we had afternoon tea with fresh buns. After that it was time to clean up the mess from the baking, water the garden. I also made dinner and while that was cooking went out and planted the two remaining plants for our arbour. Back inside we had dinner and then bath and then normal routine until bed. It was a warm sunny day.

Dec 9, 2017
We slept to about eight today and then got up and had breakfast. After breakfast Jessica went to the shops while I stayed home preparing cake. Jessica came home and we finished the cake for Jane. We then walked over to granny and celebrated Jane's birthday. We came home for lunch. After lunch we went outside and hung laundry and did some gardening. Sofia cleaned the rabbit cage with some help from me. I put down a stepping stone where the grass is not growing really well. Back inside I did some computer work and then we cooked dinner and ate it. We were a bit late so I had dinner while talking to farmor and farfar. From there it was the usual routine until bedtime.

Dec 8, 2017
We slept to about seven thirty today, which was fine since I had today off. We had breakfast and then got the kids to school. We stayed in school as Evie's end of year presentation was on at 9.30 (which was, together with Sofia's the reason I was off today). We watched it and Evie got a medal! We then had a break and then it was Sofia's turn. It felt very long. It lasted to 13.05 or so. We then came home, picked up Frida, ate a quick lunch and then went to the shop looking for a new dishwasher. I was ready to buy one there and then, but Jessica was not quite ready, and Frida was making it hard. We drove home before the afternoon peak and landed in Glenbrook early enough that it made no sense to go home. We stopped in the village and let Frida have a quick play in the park, totally forgetting that the park for little ones is being re-built so there really wasn't much to do. We bought a box of mangoes, some watermelon and a cake and went and picked up the kids. We came home and had afternoon tea. I felt a but motion sick so I laid down for a bit. I then fixed a problem with the brand new SSD in the desktop and then built some lego with Sofia. From there it was dinner time and then bedtime for all girls.

Dec 7, 2017
I was tired but I still got up in time to be at the office shortly after six thirty. I had some feedback on a bug I had fixed, I also pushed out 5.6.1 as Bella was away today so I could help her with that. After that I set to doing, what essentially amounts to sys-admin work. I spent all day doing that. I had lunch with Jessica and Frida, well I ate they didn't as they were going to the club. I spent my afternoon doing more sysadminy things. I knocked off after having clocked up 8hrs50min. I had afternoon tea with the girls and pretty much muddled around, which was nice.

Dec 6, 2017
I got up and made the train. The weather was lovely when I left, a few puffs of clouds on blue skies. Clouds in the valleys in the mountains. At morning tea time the weather was overcast and not looking very good. In the morning I had a few meetings and I fixed a bug. During lunch we played Dominion, I lost of course, it is hard to beat Kristy at.. well any boardgame really. After lunch I continued with my bug, I also did some testing. We had afternoon tea and by now the weather was terrible, it was pouring down. After scone I did more testing and formulating test plans. I also found out I had broken the release build, which was not good. Bella was kind enough to help set things straight. I left the office just in time to miss the 16.04 train. The doors were closing as I came up the stairs, so frustrating. I was on the 16.18 instead. On the train I was still talking to her, I ended up talking to her about what needed doing all the way to Parramatta. I was quite tired by then so I played some OpenTTD until I was home.

Dec 5, 2017
I slept to sixish, got out of bed six thirtyis and was at the office shortly after to start my day. At around eight a friend of Sofia's and her little sister arrived as Jessica had agreed to help out their mum by taking them to school so she could go to some book-something. They left and I was at home doing my work. I was writing code for the first time in a month or so! I had lunch and then played some openttd with a bit of my lunchbreak. After lunch I had less code to do and more documentation type work to do. I also helped Bella out with a build issue and Kristy with a different build issue. I wrapped up my day around three having completed 9 hours of work. I then did a little bit more to finish up the help for Kristy. After that it was a pretty normal Tuesday, I went and picked up Sofia from art class. They had spotted a brown snake close to there so everyone was on edge. We made it home safely though.