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Sep 17, 2019
I got up and made the train. It was raining in the morning and the train was about 7 minutes late in to Glenbrook. At the office I did reviews mostly. I did pair a bit with Martin. I also had meetings of course. During lunch the fiction writers got together and did more of the course on Plot. From there I had an afternoon of mostly meetings. I left the office at 16.10 so I made the 16.31 train home. It was still raining when I got off the train. We really need the rain, so I am not complaining. I hope the grass and garden will get a bit greener now.

Sep 16, 2019
I slept to about seven and then got to work. I had a few things to do so I got going. I had breakfast with the girls and then returned to work. I saw Frida and then the other three off for the day. I did my work. Jessica came home and we had lunch together. After lunch we went out and looked at the car, adjusted a few things, learned more about how it works. I returned to work for a few hours. After work I had a shower and then went and picked up Frida. We had afternoon tea with the other three (who had gotten a ride home in the Tesla). After afternoon tea Jessica took Sofia down to art class while I minded the kids. Bryan then came by and Frida and I got a ride to the shops in our new car (so Frida also got a turn). We bought the things we needed and then returned home. At home Jessica and I put the car away in the garage. It is slightly bigger (and much newer!) than the old car so we're still getting the hang of it. I started dinner and then went and picked up Sofia. From there it was normal evening until bedtime.

Sep 15, 2019
We got up early today, we were all up b about seven thirty. We had breakfast and got everyone ready. We dropped them off at granny at around ten to eight and then drove down to the station with Bryan and caught the train to Mascot. From there we walked to The Grounds and had morning tea. After morning tea we walked across the road and picked up our Tesla Model 3, or.. as the creator of oatmeal comic calls his Tesla "spaceboat of light and wonder" and.. what can I say it is a very accurate name. We drove out of there and started our journey home. Bryan, wanted to drive a bit more than was needed so we ended up taking long ways around. Looking at all sorts of stuff we've looked at multiple times before. We stopped for a quick lunch and then continued our journey. It took us far longer than needed to get home, but we arrived home at 15.18 or so. We picked up the kids and put the car away. Jane came over for a visit. I cooked dinner while Jessica walked down and picked up our car and bought a bottle of milk. We had dinner, gave the kids a bath and then went through our usual evening routine.

Sep 14, 2019
We slept to about nine today. After breakfast we walked over to granny for morning tea. We left there about twenty to eleven, we walked home and got everyone ready and then Sofia and I biked to Blaxland while Jessica and the others drove. We met them at the bike shop and we handed Sofia's bike in for its service (it was due for the 'one month after purchase service'. We went shopping and then I biked home while the others drove. I made good time home, about ten minutes. It is not often I get to go on the highest gear so it was nice. We had lunch and then I had a shower. After that we did some gardening and before we knew it, it was time to have fika. After fika I quickly prepared dinner and then rushed down and spoke to my parents. From there it was normal evening routine with dinner and stuff.

Sep 13, 2019
I got up and made the train. At work I had a day of meetings. It started at 8.30 with a customer interview. It progressed with meetings in various shapes and forms until lunch. I managed to cancel one but still had meetings all day. We had team lunch and we ended up going to the mlc for food and then play boardgames in the office. After that it was more meetings. I had a last one that finished just at four, so I quickly packed up my stuff and left the office at four, which was just enough time to be on the 16.17 train home. At home I was followed by a dog home. Jessica thought she recognized the dog so she took her to the house and it turned out to be their dog. From there it was dinner and normal evening routine.

Sep 12, 2019
I got up and made the train. At work I had a fairly quiet morning. I had lunch and then meetings. I thought I was meeting Joey at 14.00 he thought we were meeting at 14.30, but I had a meeting at that time so we had to postpone. I enjoyed the break actually. From there it was time to walk to the all hands brewhouse and attend the "server weird talks". It was nice, weird people talking about normal stuff and normal people talking about weird stuff. I was on the 18.02 train home.

Sep 11, 2019
I slept in, I was oh-so tired in the morning. I was at the office around seven. I spent the day clearing out my e-mail, reading pages I needed to read. I also did code-reviews. I had a customer interview at 8 so I had early breakfast and then attended the interview. It was good. The interview ended early so I saw the kids and Jessica off before returning to work. I worked until lunch and had lunch on the deck with Frida and Jessica. I had a shower and then went back to work to around two. I had a break, I spoke to Jessica about our trip and then played Bird bingo with Frida before fika. After fika we did dinner preparation and Jessica and Evie went to the pool for a swimming lessons. I had a meeting but Sofia and Frida behaved well. I came out and finished dinner. We had dinner and then normal routine until bed.

Sep 10, 2019
I got up and made the train. It was quite cool in the morning. At work I had a typical team lead day, I had meetings, spaced about 20 minutes apart, to minimize how much I could get done in-between. During lunch the fiction writers got together and watched lectures in our course. From there meetings continued. I had a customer interview from four to five. I left the office pretty much right away and made the 17.31 train home. It was annoying to get to Central, so much people everywhere! On the train i tried my new noise cancelling headphones and they were pretty good!

Sep 9, 2019
I slept in a bit, but I was at the office before 7. I did my morning routine and then woke up all the girls, except Sofia. We had breakfast together and then they went to school and pre-school. Jessica went for a walk and I stayed home and worked. Jessica came home and we had a quick morning tea together. From there it was more work until lunch time. We went for a quick bike ride during lunch. Back home we had lunch and then I showered. I was then back at work until about two. I wrapped up after seven hours and fifteen minutes. A bit shorter but I have some long days ahead of me this week. From there I picked up Frida and we had afternoon tea with the big girls. The evening was pretty quiet and calm.

Sep 8, 2019
We slept well and got up around 8. After breakfast we went out and returned some plastic and bottles and stuff. We then had morning tea before going to the shop. Back home we sent Sofia to the shower while we got lunch ready. After lunch Frida and Evie had a bath. From there it was normal Sunday things. We had afternoon tea at the park which the kids enjoyed. Back home again I made bread and then we cooked dinner. After dinner it was normal routine until bedtime.