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Sep 20, 2018
I got up and made the train. The train was a smidgen late so I was about 10 minutes late to work. At work I continued working on the performance framework. I had a rather long discussion with Kristy about builds and build times and how we can reduce them. During lunch we played Innovation. Still not a huge fan of the game. It is ok, but not excellent. After lunch I continued my performance work. I had some early data then and it was not looking brilliant. Not terrible either but not brilliant. I kept working on it throughout the day. I left the office to be on the 16.04 train home. I was quite tired on the train so I played some OpenTTD, I felt guilty about it as I should probably have done som WD stuff, but I did not have everything on the laptop to enable me to do that.

Sep 19, 2018
I got up reasonably early today, I got up just after the 6.30 news, and was at the office not long after. I did my usual morning routine and then started work on the performance stuff. I had breakfast with the girls and saw them off for school. I returned and helped Wolfgang track down what the problem was with git 2.19. In reality he did most of the work I just offered thoughts and pointers. We found it in the end and as far as I know he's working on a fix. I returned to my performance work and soon had everything going, sort of. It actually took me most of the day. I had lunch with Frida and Jessica and gave Rollo a pat. I returned to work and had my performance test run. It failed, but at least I had gotten it to a stage where it ran, which was very nice. At about quarter to two I walked down to school and did CS First in Sofia's class. It was much better now, we're getting into the rhythm of it. I stayed until the end of school and got a lift home with Jessica. At home we had afternoon tea and then I did some more work as I wanted to get my thing working. I wrapped up my work around four thirty after having done a full 9 hours of work today. I played some Minecraft with Sofia and then helped cook dinner. After dinner I played some Kingdom hearts chain of memories.

Sep 18, 2018
I got up and made my train. It was cool again this morning, only 5 degrees. At the office I did one PR and then set out with my performance testing work. We had standup and then a QA demo. It went well I think. From there it was work. I finally got stuff working. I had lunch with the greater team. I had intended to write today but didn't get to it as Don came and so I had a chat with him instead. After lunch I had my 1:1 with Lucy which is always a pleasure. After that it was more performance work until it was time to pack up and go home. I was on the 16.04 train home. On the train I did some WD work and then played open ttd.

Sep 17, 2018
It was cool this morning, heaters came on a few times throughout the night. I slept in, I did not make it to the office until 7. I did my work. It was a bit of a hard slog today. Things were not going well and I was tired. I had lunch with Jessica on the deck, enjoying the sun. I gave Rollo a cuddle as he is always in need of one, poor little guy. The power company was butchering cutting trees today, and the woodchipper was quite loud and scary if you're a little bunny. Back inside things were going better. I went and picked up Frida at 3.15 after just over 8 hours of work. She was quite happy today which is always nice. Back home we had afternoon tea. I did a little bit more work before wrapping everything up. I managed to squeeze in some Zelda before shaving and showering. From there it was dinner and then bedtime for everyone.

Sep 16, 2018
We slept to about eight today. After breakfast we did more laundry while I cleaned the kitchen. We had a slow morning, just hanging around at home. We did some gardening, some watering plants and such. Jessica went to the shops to get some essentials. Back home we had lunch. After lunch Sofia had a shower while I did a little bit of gardening. We had afternoon tea, and then I gave the other two a bath. From there it was quickly combing hairs, getting laundry down and peeling potatoes. At four I spoke with farmor and farfar. After that I went outside and put on the sprinkler for the grass. Back inside it was dinner time. After dinner we all sat down and watched some Blue Planet before going to bed.

Sep 15, 2018
All the girls were up early, Evie, Sofia and Jessica went for a walk and Frida came into bed with me at about 7.20. She laid still and just enjoyed the warmth and closeness for a bit. We got up at eight and made breakfast. The big girls came home and we had breakfast. After breakfast we put on laundry and then went to granny for morning tea. We sorted the things for the evening and then came home again and hung laundry, followed by lunch. We Enjoyed the warmth of the day by doing some gardening. Jessica showered while I finished stuff up outside. Back inside we had afternoon tea. From there it was a rush to get ready. At about five granny came over and minded the kids while Jessica and I caught the train into Newtown. All went well, we nearly forgot our tickets but we did remember and made the train. In Newtown we met Erin and her friends and together we went and had dinner at 3 mangoes. We saw the keyboard player from Cat Empire there, which was amusing. From there the rest of them wanted to go to a pub so we went. From there we went to the Enmore and eventually The Cat Empire came on. We had a reasonably good evening. It ended up being a bit late. We slunk out and went to Central. Had a coffee and were on the 23.24 train home. At home we put Sofia to bed (silly girl). We then went to bed and slept until morning.

Sep 14, 2018
I got up and made the train with ease today which was nice. At work I spent the morning doing various little bits and pieces. After standup I helped out with DoS as the queue was at 4 and there was no chance that Tomas would get through 4 cases in one day. The case took most of the day to complete and investigate. I had lunch with the greater team. I spoke with Daniel (not myself for once) about GDPR and pipelines. It was a good chat. After lunch I wrapped up the case. I then reviewed some of Kristy's code and the day was pretty much over. We had demos today and demos had cake! Due to demos I was a bit late. I was on the 16.53 train home. On the train I was really quite tired so I just played Open TTD.

Sep 13, 2018
I got up and made the train. At work I worked on a support case most of the day. We had some cake, and some tea. After standup i had two meetings, both of which were fairly quick. During lunch we played Innovation again, still not a fan. After lunch I was back to my support case. I think I have a workable solution for the customer now. I left the office to be on the 16.04 train home. On the train I read some and played some open ttd.

Sep 12, 2018
I tried to get up normal today, but didn't quite succeed. I was at the office about ten to seven. I had a few things I wanted to get done, so I set about doing that. I had breakfast with the girls and saw them off for school. I ten returned to work. I did mostly BAU today. I had lunch alone. I sat outside and after lunch I gave Rollo a cuddle. He's very cuddly the little bunny. I then returned to work. At about quarter to two I walked down to school and spent an hour and a bit in Sofia's class helping out with CS First. It went really well. We're getting into it now. I went in the car home with all my girls. At home we had some fika while Jessica took Sofia down to have some X-rays done on her teeth. I minded the kids while they were away. I made dinner and Jessica and Sofia came home. I had a meeting at 17.30 which ran to a couple of minutes past six. From there it was packing up time and then bedtime for everyone.

Sep 11, 2018
I got up and made the train. At work I finally fixed my gpg key issue.With that fixed I plunked in a new doclet to try out, and it worked fine. From there it was standup, and after standup I paired up with Bella and we added a new volume to our server and attached, partitioned, formatted, mounted and then exported it over nfs to the other nodes in the cluster. With that out of the way I paired up with Rob to look at the output of the doclet. From there it was lunch and playing Innovation. Not really a game I really liked. After that it was 1:1 with Lucy, which is always a great pleasure. Back at my desk it was fika time, so I met up with some of the swedes for some fika. I then returned to my desk to do some reviews until it was time to go home. At Central there was confusion over what platform to be on. I was directed to platform 3, and once on the train I saw the sign change to be the train after the one I wanted to be on. So I ran to platform 4 (which is further than it seems), and made the 16.04 train. Once on the train I just played open ttd as I was really tired.