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Oct 18, 2017
Frida woke up early, around 5:30 and wanted to be picked up. I went in and got her. She stayed in our bed until I got up, and then decided she wanted to go back to bed. I made my train. At work I had a shower and then breakfast. After breakfast it was a bit of work. I then met Joey and we went for a walk. Back at the office it was more work, then standup. I then had work until lunch. During lunch we played Race for the galaxy. It was good, but ran quite long. I then did more work. At 14.30 the Swedes at work met and went for fika. Back at the office it was a smidgen more work before I left. I left the office in time to be on the 16.05 train home. On the train I did WD work, and then also some weather work.

Oct 17, 2017
Sofia came in to us around 4.30 this morning. We were both too tired to really mind so she slept there. She didn't wake up when I got up and got ready for work. I made the train. At work I had my rather difficult ticket to work on so that kept me busy all day. During lunch fiction writers got together and wrote. I edited and planned Nano. After lunch it was tea and the my ticket again. I also had a 1:1 with Lucy which is always a great pleasure.

Oct 16, 2017
It was hard to get up today, but I did make it. At work I had a different hard issue to work on so I did that. The day was rather long and not particularly interesting as such. I had my one issue, I merged my old one which was good. During lunch I went and bought Sofia a new drawing book. After lunch it was more of the usual issue working. I left the office in time to be on the 16.05 train home which felt nice as I was really quite tired. On the train I was too tired to really do anything. I fiddled a bit half hearted with the weather templates. I then read my book.

Oct 15, 2017
We got up around seven and got everyone ready to catch the 8.22 train into Sydney. The girls were all good on the train in which was nice. In Sydney we went to the Australian Museum. First we needed fika of course, from there we made our way through the museum and looked at stuff and generally had a good time. We look at the their mineral/gem collection, we looked at dinosaurs, we looked for stick insect eggs in trays of dirt. All the kids had a great time. We left the museum at around twenty past twelve, we bought some chips and some drinks and then went on the train home. We went on the 13.18 train home. We had lunch on the train. Little Frida had done a lot of walking but she held up really well. In Glenbrook I went and got new shoe laces and some bread before meeting up with the wife and kids to get driven home. At home we had fika and then did the usual Sunday things, such as bath, rubbish and the like. The kids were all tired so it was a bit calmer play than usual. We had dinner and put the kids to bed early as we were all tired.

Oct 14, 2017
We got up around eight thirty. After breakfast we went to granny for morning tea. It started drizzling while there and didn't really stop all day. Back home we did some cleaning up. Found some stuff to get rid of. I got silicone out and finally got to a few cracks we've got i the bathrooms. We put Frida to bed and had fika. After fika Jessica and Evie went to the shops. I got Frida up. While she was waking up I started dinner. I spoke with farmor and farfar as usual for Saturday. After that it was the usual routine until bedtime. It was not an excellent day but it was good to get these boring things done.

Oct 13, 2017
I slept well for once, which was nice. In the morning my bedside lamp didn't come on, so I had to fumble a bit in the dark before I got alternate lights on that wouldn't also wake up Jessica. I made my train. At work I had breakfast and before long it was time to watch the all hands. I then had standup. After that it was work. We left the office around 11.45 or so and went to Martin place and from there the train to Kings Cross. Justin was taking us to a South Indian restaurant. The food was nice. Back at the office it was tea and then work as usual. At four we had demos, I presented my thing. I left the office in time to be on the 17.21 train home. On the train I was really tired so I did only weather work, just stuffing around with little things. I'm nearly done with my weather reporting now, which feels really good. Only took three years.

Oct 12, 2017
I slept in today, it took a moment to realise it was a work day. I finally got up and made it to the office at around ten to seven. I had breakfast with the kids and then was back at work. We had our normal standup, and I also had a video chat with Justin. From there it was work, work work. I had a quick lunch before returning to work. Jessica left for mother's group sometime during the early afternoon. I knocked off at around four, having done just a smidgen under ten hours. I then did household stuff, cooked dinner. Sofia and I also did a crystal experiment. It was a nice warm day. Nothing much to report though.

Oct 11, 2017
I got up and made my train, I showered at work as time escaped from me last night. At my desk I had a quick breakfast and then set to work. I spent the entire day, again, working on this issue. It is quite complex, partly because I have to be backwards compatible. I had a late lunch with former team mates. It was interesting to talk to them and hear how things are going. Back at my desk it was more work. We had a break for tea and pavlova which was quite nice. I managed to get my code in before I left the office. With a quick sprint along George St I made the 16.05 train home. On the train I did WD and then did some weather work. It feels good to finally get back to finish this.

Oct 10, 2017
I got up and made the train. I had breakfast at the office. After breakfast I continued on my, harder than it really needs to be, ticket. I worked on it all day. I had a fair few tea breaks when frustration ran high. During lunch the fiction writers got together and wrote some fiction. I edited a story. Back at the office I finally had a working proof of concept. It was time to go home by the time I had it working. I left the office in time to be on the 16.05 train home. On the train I did WD work. I also did more inverter work. Together with some stuff in the evening I think I am done with the driver. Until I re-write it. But before I re-write it I shall finish my templates so the website looks ok.

Oct 9, 2017
I got up and made my train. My throat was sore but better than previous mornings. I forced down some ibuprofen and left the house. At the office I had breakfast and by then the medication worked its wonders. I spent the whole day on a single ticket. It is reasonably difficult. My throat was sore but not too bad. I had lunch with Paul Curren of old. It was good to just sit down and talk about stuff. After lunch I paired up with Justin briefly on how ElasticSearch and lucene works. After that I was back at my ticket. By the end of the day I had a proof of concept, which I will test tomorrow. I left the office just in time to be on the 16.05 train home. On the train I did some WD work and then worked more on my inverter driver. I made really good progress with it. I think this last update will be the last one until I re-write it.