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Jun 19, 2018
I had arranged to work from home today, so I could sleep in a bit. I got up and was at the office at just before 7. I had work to do, reviews to make, some reading to catch up on. I had breakfast with the girls. They were running late so I took Frida to pre-school while Jessica took the others to big school. It all went well. I came home and had tea alone, as Jessica was going into Evie's classroom today, and then to granny so I was left to my own devices. I worked throughout the day. I had lunch with Jessica and we discussed birthday (Sofia's) during lunch. Sometime during the day Jessica discovered that Ellie had died. After lunch I went back to work. I made good progress. I stopped work at quarter past three after just over eight hours of work to go and pick up little Frida. She was happy to see me and we came home and sat down and watched things. The day was cold and miserable so it was nice to just sit down for a bit. Jessica and Sofia came home (Evie had a playdate). We had afternoon tea. I rushed Frida to the toilet a number of times, but the poo did not want to come out. I also started Sofia on CS first. She seemed to like it. Jessica went and got Evie. They came home and we had dinner. Right before bed Frida finally got her poo out. Sofia was beside herself over the budgie.

Jun 18, 2018
I got up and made the train. It was not too cold in the morning which was good, still windy though. At the office I tried to catch up on some of the reading I had to do. I also finally got one of my PRs merged. I did some reviewing as well. During lunch we played Crazy Derby, which was ok. Fairly quick game. After that it was some more work until we headed over to the other building and made pasta for TwoGood. It was good. I think we all enjoyed the process. Back at the desk it was more reviews before heading home. On the train I did more course work. Moving forward with it. Learned something new today, not sure how useful it is but still not just rehashing old stuff. I learned that ">" can be used to as a selector in CSS to select only direct descendants, "body > div" only divs in the body will be selected.

Jun 17, 2018
We slept to about seven thirty when Evie came in, Frida slept another forty minutes or so before she came in. We got up not long after. We had breakfast and then We made morning tea and took to Lennox park. Frida and Evie had a good time, scootering around and swinging. We came home and I cut a piece of wood and sanded it down to become a threshold for the front door. After lunch I started oiling it. Right now we're just trialling it, to see if we like it, and if we do we'll get a more proper material and actually nail it down. We then baked a cake so we could use our new piping syringe. It worked remarkably well. We had afternoon tea and then I did the rubbish and we did some general tidying up. I also played trains with Frida while Jessica went to the shop. I cooked dinner and we had an early dinner. After dinner I gave the kids a bath and during that Sofia arrived home. We got everyone in their pyjama and then sat down for some TV. We got them all to bed fairly early and sat down for some quality "not parenting time."

Jun 16, 2018
We got up around eight today. We got Sofia ready and at about 10.20 or so she was picked up by Evelyn's dad. We then had morning tea. After morning tea I was going to lie down for just a little bit. It lasted about two hours and I slept. I am still not quite well. We had a late lunch. After lunch we hung laundry. and we had fika at normal time. We then went upstairs to find out if the walls had insulation in them. They did, much to our relief. I then went and spoke to farmor and farfar. From there it was normal routine until bedtime. We got a phone call from Sofia before bedtime which was good.

Jun 15, 2018
I had trouble sleeping last night, which was annoying as I was quite tired. I did eventually. I got up and made my train. At work I had a an hour before first meeting, which was our usual town hall. We then had standup. After standup it was another half hour, forty minutes until we started our meetings. We were then in meetings back to back until three thirty. We had a team lunch today as well which was nice. After that it was more meetings. I left in time to be on the 16.04 train home. I was really quite tired then. At home it was just the usual routine until bedtime.

Jun 14, 2018
I got out of bed in time to make the train. The train went better than I expected with less coughing/sneezing and nose blowing than I expected, which was nice. At the office I had a fair chunk of stuff to do since I had been away for almost a week. I had lunch with Paul C today which turned into a discussion about house building. I also had a 1:1 with Lucy before lunch. After lunch it was mostly just work, which was good. I left the office in time to be on the 16.04 which was good as I needed to pick up Sofia from art class. I was snotty on the train which was bad as I only had two tissues so I really had to economise with them. In the village I made a quick detour to the chemist to get a few things before I went to pick up Sofia. I arrived ten minutes early and Sofia practically jumped out of her seat ready to go. At home it was the usual routine until bedtime.

Jun 13, 2018
I had decided to have at least the morning off sick, thus I slept in the morning. I helped get the kids to school. We kept Sofia home from school as she was sick too. With Evie dropped off Jessica took Frida and Sofia to granny for morning tea, I stayed home. I laid on the sofa for a bit, two hours later Jessica comes home and wakes me up. I spent the day feeling generally miserable. Better than yesterday but miserable nonetheless. Evie brought a friend home from school for a short play. We had fika and then I had a shower in preparation for going to work tomorrow. During dinner we realised that today was the last day of screening for Solo, and we had arranged a babysitter. We put the kids to bed and then went out and saw it. I think it was good. On a scale of 0-1 it was a 1. We came home and were soon in bed.

Jun 12, 2018
I decided late last night that I would stay home today, having a sickday. I slept in this morning and once the kids were away I sat down on the sofa, and I pretty much did not move all day. I felt pretty crap all day. Jessica went about her day (of course). I got a message from Kristy asking something so i said I'd push my local changes, I tried to, but it was rejected. I pulled, got conflicts and then set about resolving conflicts. I then realised why I was home. It was terrible to do that. I could not have done any work today, so that settled that. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I will at the best WFH, at worst it is another day on the sofa. Evie had a friend over for a few hours in the afternoon. With her gone Sofia and I had dinner, as Jessica and the other two were going to the club. Sofia and I were just too sick to go. They came home late and we put three tired girls in bed, before we sat down and did no parenting.

Jun 11, 2018
I woke up around seven and we were all up around seven thirty. I didn't want us to sleep too long as we had to get the kids to bed tonight and it is school day tomorrow. After breakfast I was quite unwell and the weather looked crap. So we played Monopoly. The kids really enjoyed it. Frida sat with us and did some colouring in. We had lunch and after lunch we hung laundry. We then went inside and finished playing. By now Sofia had had enough but Evie persisted, she said she really liked it. After that we went outside again. I taught Sofia chess (and Evie too). From there it was in again, and I played a little bit of minecraft and then made dinner together with Jessica. We got the kids in bed and soon enough it was time for me as well. I was meant to be in the office tomorrow, but I will not. With any luck I'll WFH, but at this rate it seems I'll be RFH (resting/recovering from home).

Jun 10, 2018
We slept to about eight or so today. After breakfast we went to the shops as we were running low on some things. We came home and had morning tea. I was really quite unwell, not sure if I'm better or not, but well I ain't. We cleaned the kitchen, hung laundry and those usual things. Before we knew it, it was lunch time, so we had lunch. After lunch I went and had a lie-down. Evie was doing homework and Sofia and Frida was playing nicely. I may have slept, but at the very least I rested. I got up when Evie came and kicked up a fuss. I had to send her to the bathroom because she was not being nice. With me up it was fika time. I made fika and after fika I started cooking dinner as our dinner today was on the slow side of cooking. I also finished my import of photos from flickr, so my move can soon be completed. After dinner we sat down and watched some TV and movie and then bedtime for everyone.