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Feb 21, 2019
I got up and made the train. It was hard to get up. The weather was quite crap. At the office I had the DoS sync at nine and then 1:1 at 10. In between these I did some support work. I had a quick lunch planning to go out, but decided to not go out, due to the weather. I returned to my desk. I worked throughout the afternoon. Mostly on support. I spoke to Kristy late in the day so I missed my train by a minute or less, consequently I was on the 16.17 train home. On the train I did some CSS training and then played some OpenTTD. It was miserable weather all day both in the city and at home.

Feb 20, 2019
I got up and made the train, it was drizzling when I walked to both station and office. At the office I set out to upgrade a library we're using. I had some tea, and then it was time for team training. I was the one giving the talk, about Hazelcast this time. From there it was back to desk for a bit and then it was brownbag. From there it was lunch time. During lunch I spoke to Kristy about a bug she was working on. She had a circular dependency. She said she wanted to rubber duck it, and I was happy to do so. Rubber ducking worked, she came up with a solution as part of explaining it to me. From there I tested my library upgrade, and surprisingly it worked. I will push it tomorrow to see if all tests pass. I then turned my eye towards my long running support case. I left the office in time to be on the 16.02 train home. On the train I did some training and then played open TTD for a bit. At home we had pre-dinner and then went to the club for granddad's birthday. We came home a bit late, always hard to get Jessica away from these events. We put kids to bed and then went to bed ourselves.

Feb 19, 2019
I slept in a bit today, didn't get to work until about quarter to seven. I kept on working on my support case. It was good. I have a fair understanding of what is going on now. I also spoke with a few people about a bug I reported on behalf of other people. I had a meeting at 11.30 and at 11.25 or so, the solar people call and wonder if they could come by 'now'. I said fine. My meeting only lasted ten minutes and as I was saying bye to the people they drove up our driveway. Talk of timing! It is nice when things work out! I continued working while they worked out what our problems were. They were both quite simple, once identified so that's good. While he was here groceries arrived, it all happened at once! I had a brief lunch and then returned to work. By the end of the day I had a good understanding of what the issue was, where it started and what went wrong. I now need to come up with a viable path forward. I wrapped up work around 3 after 8 hours and went and got a very happy little Frida. The other girls came home and we had fika. In the evening we had a meet the teacher evening at the school so we went to that. It was ok, not a whole lot of information, but it was good to meet the new teachers. From there we came home and had a late dinner and then went to bed.

Feb 18, 2019
I struggled to get up today, but I did eventually make it out of bed. I had the computer already setup so I got straight to work. I have a working theory on what I think this customer is running into, but it is incredibly hard to prove. I practised my talk and worked on the support issue. I had lunch with Jessica and did some exercise. I returned to work, practised my talk a bit more. I continued working until it was time to pick up Frida. I went and got the little girl and then came home and we had fika. After fika we took Sofia to art class. At home Jessica had a quick lie down as she had not slept all that well, while I started out on a plan for the driver I want to write for WeeWX to talk to both the envoy AND the powerwall, but use a single database. I think I've got all the pieces, now it is just a matter of writing it. I should be able to get it done fairly quickly. I made dinner and then went and got Sofia. She had lots to talk about so we sat on a bench on the way home and spoke for about half an hour. We came home and had dinner. After dinner I did some more work, got the kids to bed while Jessica had a hot bath, hopefully to help with her cold. In the end I clocked in 9 hours today.

Feb 17, 2019
Jessica got up and went for a walk with Sofia in the morning. The rest of us got up shortly after. I went outside and hosed the old solar panels as they looked very dusty. I also gave the garden a bit of a drink. Jessica came home and we had breakfast. After breakfast we went to highway hardware and I bought a few things. From there it was down to the village and we bought some things there too! Back home we picked up the cake and went to granny as Granddad had his birthday very recently. From there we came home and hung laundry, we had a late lunch as we were all full from fika. After lunch we got Evie ready and then Jessica drove us all down to a pool in Emu Plains, Evie and I went to a party there for one of Evie's class friends. Jessica and the other two went shopping. The party lasted to five, so Jessica came and picked us up shortly before. We came home and made dinner and then it was normal bed routine for us.

Feb 16, 2019
We slept to about seven, Jessica and Evie went for a walk, I stayed home with Sofia and Frida. We made porridge while we waited for the other two to come home. I may have checked the battery and panel status more than once during the morning (ok, ok, the day, let's be honest). After breakfast we got everyone dressed and walked over to granny to find out what happens tomorrow. From there we came home. At home we had lunch. After lunch Sofia and Jessica went out to get a gift for a party (for Evie) and some new shoes for Sofia. Evie and Frida were playing nicely together so I quickly cobbled together a driver for the weather station to query the envoy. It does the job, but I need to fix this to be a bit better. I think I need to write the driver for the pw2 first though. I then made cookies for fika and we had fika together when Jessica and Sofia came home. Jessica and I both felt a bit tired so we sat down for less than half an hour and played ps4. I then took Sofia for a bike ride to the local hardware shop, but they were closed so we came home again. At home I helped Jessica cook dinner. After dinner it was parents talking day. From there it was normal evening.

Feb 15, 2019
We slept to about six thirty today. I had meant to have today off, but a customer was having some serious issues so I offered to investigate that during part of today. I got up at six thirty and downloaded the latest files from the customer. At about seven the solar installers arrived and set to work. They were all very nice which was good. I had breakfast and saw the kids off to school. Frida stayed home with me. I worked until lunchtime, shortly after lunch I stopped work, having completed 5 hours of work. I then played with Frida, we read books and tickled and all those things. At around three thirty the powerwall was installed and we tested it, it worked! The solar array(s) needed firmware updates so they didn't produce a whole lot of power while they were updating. Jessica came home with the kids and we had afternoon tea and then muddled around the house. We're really happy (so far) with the install. Much better than the other company we used. We had dinner and then put all the girls to bed. Hopefully we'll get much sun tomorrow so we can charge our battery fully!

Feb 14, 2019
I got up and made the train. At the office I had a meeting at nine so I went to that. From there it was a brief time while I worked at some support issues. I then went for fika with some of the other Swedes at the office, it was nice to talk to them, and speak some Swedish. From there it was team lunch and then back to work. Really nothing to write home about. I left the office in time to be on the 16.02 train home. I was tired so I only played open ttd on the train. At home I found that the solar people (I knew this) had been here today and put up some stuff for the panels that will go up tomorrow, exciting times. I'm looking forward to this.

Feb 13, 2019
I slept in a bit today and didn't get up until past 6.30. I started my day and then saw that I had a customer call at 8. I had totally forgotten, so I quickly had breakfast and then dialled into that. It was a bit of an awkward call as it was unclear who was leading it, so it was a bit socially awkward but it went well. After that I returned to my support cases. I had a really tricky one to work on. I had morning tea with Jessica and then returned to work. I had to drop my case to pick up a higher priority one. I bounced that with a request for more information and then returned to my case. I also practised my talk a bit. I had lunch and yoga with Jessica and Frida. I then returned, again, to work. I had afternoon tea with the girls and then realised I needed to do one more thing. Time dragged on so I finished work at about five, having clocked in 10 hours of work today, not great. From there it was a pretty normal evening for us.

Feb 12, 2019
I got up and made my train. I was really quite tired but I made it. At the office I finally managed to write a response to the customer. I'm not really happy with the outcome but it is the best I can do at this stage I think. It took me most of the morning. I looked at another case and then it was lunch time. I had a quick lunch with the team and then went and did some "writing" technically I didn't write much, but I did do some more plotting and planning so I still count it. From there it was 1:1 with Lucy which is always nice. I still remember when 1:1s were unpleasant and that. After that I had an interview. It was ok. Can't talk about the candidate of course, but I am not a huge fan of interviewing, but I guess it is part of my future now. From there it was home time. I spoke to people on the train home and also did some CSS training, before falling back to the good old open ttd.