Hot and windy
Mar 18, 2018
Jessica and the two biggest girls went for a walk in the morning. I stayed in bed with Frida, as she had woken up as well. We eventually got up and made breakfast. With the other girls home we had breakfast. After breakfast I took Sofia out to practise on her bike. From there we went in and had morning tea. After morning tea our laundry marathon began. It was hot and windy today, so we did laundry, and lots of it. I think we did 8 loads, or more. The machine was going constantly between about 9 and about 17. We hung, we took in, we put away. That was pretty much what we did all day. It was good it got done, as we are now much lower on laundry to be done. We made kokosbollar for fika and the kids enjoyed making their own and eating them right away. From there it was more laundry, rubbish and bathing kids. I cooked dinner. After dinner it was the usual routine until bedtime.