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Media Organizer

It is a small database driven program for the purpose of keeping track of your media collection. By media I mean cds, dvds, vhs, etc.

This is a beta release! It is based on the McKoi database (->links) which I am fond of. It is very customizeable so take a look in the settings.

Feature requests are welcome, as is bug reports. A few things are missing from this release, most notable is that the help menu does not work. As the help section is unavailable most things are guess work, but it should be fairly easy to guess what is intended. I have put up a page with screenshots. It is available in the menu on the top. This code is compatose meaning I may return to it one day, but at present no work is performed on it. However it works and I use this software myself. It is freeware, and I am happy to share sources should you wish to look at them. As with most of my software it can be downloaded from Softpedia