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A little program I wrote when ICQ's chat module stopped working for Jessica and me. It is a simple chat program where one user hosts the chat and the other connects to the user hosting. After that each character is sent as the user types them. It is rather self explanatory. I have not developed this program for a few years now. It is in a good working condition though. It has a very special place in my heart. Ctrl+g gives a beep sound, all other things are available from menus. I have noticed that it appears the program is frozen for a few seconds when you try to host a chat, just be patient.

This code is comatose. That means I will perhaps work on it again in the future, but I have no plans at present to do so. It is distributed under GPL. The source code is not available for download at present, but I will send it to anyone requesting it. It can be downloaded from Softpedia like most of my software.