Spaceboat of light and wonder
Sep 15, 2019
We got up early today, we were all up b about seven thirty. We had breakfast and got everyone ready. We dropped them off at granny at around ten to eight and then drove down to the station with Bryan and caught the train to Mascot. From there we walked to The Grounds and had morning tea. After morning tea we walked across the road and picked up our Tesla Model 3, or.. as the creator of oatmeal comic calls his Tesla "spaceboat of light and wonder" and.. what can I say it is a very accurate name. We drove out of there and started our journey home. Bryan, wanted to drive a bit more than was needed so we ended up taking long ways around. Looking at all sorts of stuff we've looked at multiple times before. We stopped for a quick lunch and then continued our journey. It took us far longer than needed to get home, but we arrived home at 15.18 or so. We picked up the kids and put the car away. Jane came over for a visit. I cooked dinner while Jessica walked down and picked up our car and bought a bottle of milk. We had dinner, gave the kids a bath and then went through our usual evening routine.