Catching up day
Sep 11, 2019
I slept in, I was oh-so tired in the morning. I was at the office around seven. I spent the day clearing out my e-mail, reading pages I needed to read. I also did code-reviews. I had a customer interview at 8 so I had early breakfast and then attended the interview. It was good. The interview ended early so I saw the kids and Jessica off before returning to work. I worked until lunch and had lunch on the deck with Frida and Jessica. I had a shower and then went back to work to around two. I had a break, I spoke to Jessica about our trip and then played Bird bingo with Frida before fika. After fika we did dinner preparation and Jessica and Evie went to the pool for a swimming lessons. I had a meeting but Sofia and Frida behaved well. I came out and finished dinner. We had dinner and then normal routine until bed.