Rock me
Feb 11, 2019
I got up fairly early today and was at the office at 6.30. I had a customer get back to me, and they had data, 2.1gb of data I needed to download. It took two hours to get it down.. I guess someone else was using the internet at the same time. I spent the time looking at other requests. With the data down I spent the rest of the day looking at it. I did practise my talk once and then returned to the data. It is not easy to do a reliable post-mortem with so many things happening at once. I was able to conclude they did not have one issue we did sort of suspect, so that's good. I had lunch and exercise with Jessica. I then returned to work. I did practise my talk once more which was good. I wrote some updates on the ticket and then finished my day. I had tried to finish after eight hours but it ended up being eight and a half. I went and picked up Frida, she was really happy. We had fika with the big girls and then I did some school work (for me) and after that it was dinner making time. After dinner we tried to get all the girls to bed, eventually succeeding.