Birdwood gully
Feb 10, 2019
Jessica and the big two girls went for a walk in the morning. Frida stayed in bed with me. We got up and had breakfast before the other three arrived home. They came home and had breakfast and we then got everyone ready and at around nine thirty we left home and drove to Springwood. We found the Birdwood Gully and went for a 2+km bushwalk there. The kids loved it. It was a bit long for Frida but she managed well. We had lunch in the car before we drove home. We came home around twelve thirty. After that we went outside and did more courtyard cleaning and did rubbish and that. We came in and made afternoon tea, we had our tea on the deck. From there I mowed the naturestrip as it was getting long. We then gave the kids a bath and I cooked dinner after that. After dinner we sat down for a bit and then got all the kids to bed, I think they were tired. It was a good day though.