Long journey
Feb 8, 2019
I got up and made my train. I felt sweaty and gross and in retrospect should have showered last night, or at the office, but I did neither. I did my day. I did DoS so that was ok. I had a meeting with PM and design on a new feature. I think they liked my investigation work. From there it was just more normal day. During lunch we played High Society. It was ok. After lunch it was more of the same as before. At around 14.30 we had a timesheet party. People apparently don't do their time sheets in time, so we have this event in my little team to do them quarterly. After you've done your time sheets you got to consume some baked goods that Lucy had made. It was delicious. From there we had a whisky/social thing. It was good. I left the office around 17.25. I was on the 18.03 train home. It was 15 minutes delayed out of Central. When we were around Granville lightening struck a signal box and took out the signals, so we were stuck. It took me about two hours and forty minutes to get home. I arrived home around nine. I sat down, had a very light dinner and watched a movie. I had a shower and then went to bed. I couldn't sleep. At about 1 I got up and ate something. I eventually fell asleep.