Working from home
Feb 4, 2019
I got up and was at the office at around 6.36. I rotated on to DoS today so I picked up an issue. I spent the day working on that issue and one other issue. Jessica went into Penrith to enjoy some shopping without a bored husband or kids. I did some exercise and then had lunch. I did play some Horizon Zero Dawn during lunch. I'm kind of struggling with it. I want to play that game, but I don't know when I can do that. We'll see I may just stop playing for now and pick it up later, rather than progressing some distance and then stopping and forgetting how things work. Anyway.. I stopped work around quarter to three after eight hours of work. I went and picked up a happy little Frida at around quarter past. The big girls came home and we had afternoon tea. We hung some laundry and in the early evening I connected up our new access point. I like having not consumer grade stuff. I just plugged it in. My controller goes "new device, should I adopt it?" I tell it, "please do". A couple of minutes later it is serving up our wifi network, which is nice. OH! Shortly after lunch Bryan came by and took our lounge away which was good. After dinner it was normal routine until bedtime.