Feb 3, 2019
Jessica got up and went for a walk in the morning, this time taking Sofia with her. I got up around eight and Jessica said "They have Belgian waffles down at Cee", so we went down there and had waffles for breakfast. We met Erin and Darren there, but we were going and they were coming. Back home we hung laundry and did a bit of tidy up. We didn't have morning tea as we had such a big sweet breakfast. Lunch rolled around and we ate lunch. We hung more laundry, sunny days means you've got to do that. We mowed the lawn a bit. Jessica stayed out weeding and I came in and cleaned the kitchen. I baked cookies for fika. After fika Jessica had a shower while I tidied up the mess I had made for fika. From there we played a little bit of Lego Harry potter and then Sofia and I made dinner. After dinner I gave the kids a bath while Jessica cleaned the kitchen, again. After bath I got the laundry down and then we got the kids to bed. They took a long time to go to sleep as they had slept so long in the morning.