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Mar 7, 2006
Today Jessica started after lunch, so we went out in the morning to look for bedding solutions for when we get guests. It took most of the morning, but in the end we found what we were looking for so now we are all set. We had morning tea, and then we dropped Jessica off at work. Then we went back and I bought the bed we had been looking at. Back home I spent the rest of the day just doing small things. Totally forgetting i was supposed to do the laundry. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

Mar 6, 2006
Today Jessica was off to work again. Leaving me with some housework, washing up to be precise. As the plan for the day was to basically to wash up, clean the beer fermenter (it looked groose I tell you!). So I took it easy, I finished my book "Seven anceient Wonder" by Matthew Reilly. A good book if somewhat fast paced. I also did the washing up of course! In the afternoon I went shopping. I also called the travelagent to confirm that the bookings had gone as expected. They were busy then but promissed to call back. Which they did later in the day so they are waiting for confirmations on a few of the things. So that's pretty good, all is moving alone nicely!

Mar 5, 2006
Today Jessica wanted to "do something" so we went into Sydney and went to Observatory hill. The weather was lovely, sun and not too warm or humid. We had a quick lunch consisting of crepe, and then we was off to observatory hill. It is located a bit off, well actually it is very central, but the entrance is a bit off. We went there, sat down a little while, walked around the park. Then we decided it was time to go to central to get the train home, so we walked to central bought some fika at the coffee shop at central and caught the 3 train home. At home we just spent the evening taking it easy. It was a very nice day.

Mar 4, 2006
The second day of the longweekend is comming to an end. It feels like sunday to me, since Jessica has been home yesterday and today. We spent the day cleaning up around the house, both inside and outside. That took a good ammount of time. Part of the cleaning up process was to bottle the beer. It was an interesting experience. I spent maybe 40 minutes cleaning bottles. Adter that Jessica and I went out into the sunroom, to the beer, and started. The steps are simple, first you sterilize the bottles, using a mixture of water and chemicals (non poisonous of course!). Then you pour the beer into the bottle, put the priming sugar in. The priming sugar is what makes it fizzy, or carbonated. Put the cap on, but do not tighten it, let it sit for a few minutes (while you do the next bottle, if you are efficent :). Then you tighten the cap, and leave it for 20 minutes or so. When you return you gently turn it around to make sure the priming sugar is mixed in properly, and now the boring part comes. You leave it alone for approx 6 weeks (!) to mature. We are of course not going to wait that long, since we got su much beer. 25 liters, or 43 bottles (remember you don't get 25 liters actually, some goes to sedimentation, and some for various messurements). We are going to test the first bottle in a week. I'll keep you posted. The beer ended up with approx 5% alcohol, so next time we will probably put in less sugar, to make it alittle bit less alcoholic. Neither me nor Jessica drink beer for the alcohol, so there is no point in having too much of it. Well, we are not even sure there will be a next time, I keep you posted on that as well. The evening was spent being lazy, Jessica made a bird out of denim, I played a bit of Ty 3 (ps2 game).

Mar 3, 2006
Today Jessica was off work. She wanted to go to the movies, so she called Christine and asked if she wanted/could come along. Unfortunatly she could not. So we went into Penrith alone. We saw the movie Kinky boots, and thus the subject. It was a rather interesting movie. Imdb link: I think the rating on IMDB is fair and accurate. After that we went around looking at stuff at the Plaza. And then home we went. Christine called during the movie adn left a message for Jessica, asking if we wanted to come over for dinner and a movie, and we were happy to. They had just got their new tv. a 51 cm (I think) flat TV. Flat as in LCD. Very neat, and very cool! We watched a movie on channel nine and then we went home. A nice day indeed.

Mar 2, 2006
Today Jessica started early, I went up and had brekfast with her at 5, then i went back to bed again for a few more hours. When I did get up I put on a load of laundry. And just fiddled around with the computer. As I started hanging the laundry out to dry, well you'll never guess.. it started raining. So I took it in again and put it in the cloth dryer. We got no more rain until much later in the evening. After lunch I went into Glenbrook and the travel agent located there. I spoke to a nice lady there for a short time and she promissed to get back to me. Which she did at three in the afternoon. We have not yet booked our tickets, as I needed to confirm dates, and prices with Jessica, but all is set for the 20th of May as departure and arrival back in Sydney on the last of May. Tomorrow it seems we will go through with the booking. Feels good to finally be on the go with this. It is still a fair while off, but we are getting there!

Mar 1, 2006
Today was the day after pancake day, obviously. And when you have guests over you get lots of washing up. So that was what I spent a good part of the day doing, while Jessica was away working. The other day I fixed a minor problem with the blog. Just a minor one, as is now visible, the blue fade is available in the blog, while before it was not there. I also downloaded new versions of my video editing software from and new drivers for my graphics card. I have a minor problem, whith the gamma-values being all wrong for overlays. For non-computergeeks that means that if I start a movie it comes out as if the brightness was adjusted to maximum. This is fixable with a simple workaround, but nvidia has acknowledged this as a bug, and as such it has been fixed in a later version. I will install them all soon. When I have the time and energy to fix it.

Feb 28, 2006
Today was pancake day. According to Jessica it has always been pancake day, according to it is to raise funds for "australians in need". First of the bad news. Apparently Jessica's both rabbits, still living on Levy st. caught a virus, one of them died, and Bryan took the other to the vet, and the vet said that there is no vaccine or cure, so she got a needle and fell asleep never to wake up again. So that was a bit sad of course. Mika is still fine though. Jessica and I spent the day shopping for groceries and later on in the evening we invited Bryan, Christine and Jane over for pancakes, it was pancake day after all. So that was a nice evening.

Feb 27, 2006
Today I spent the day mostly working in Maya. It is fun to do that kind fo thing again. No picture yet, but hopefully soon. As for yesterday I can tell we got 125 mm rain during the evening. Quite alot! The day has been cold so I have had to keep my beer warm (while it is fermenting, when it's ready I will of course chill it!). The temperature went up to 20 but not over. I guess winter is comming. I checked the Nutella yesterday and it is not liquid anymore so that is another sure sign summer is over ;)

Feb 26, 2006
Jessica worked this Sunday, so that was a change. She started at 10 so that gave us an early start, but not too bad (remember that we have commuting times so, starting at 10 means we must be out of bed at 8). I played some computer game in the morning. I also checked on the status of the beer. It is fermenting nicely. The sunroom is now smelling beer. Not that groose smell you can get with beer, but a quite pleasant smell. In the evening I spoke to my parents as usual on sundays.