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Jul 9, 2005
Today we had an early start, since we were going to Orsa. What could be in Orsa then, that would make us want to go there? The Björnpark of course! We arrived at lunch time and had a quick lunch. Then we went into the park, and saw many bears. Including some cute bear cubs playing. Links to pictures will be available soon. We came back to Borlänge early afternoon, and in the evening we barbequed. All in all a good day.

Jul 8, 2005
Today my parents arrived home from our summerplace. Apart from that the day was very uneventful. I worked. Nothing more happened. I have now begun generating the protocols. And so far it's looking cool :) Of course if you have no idea of what ammount of work lies behind it you can not appreciate it as much. Apart from working nothing has happened. I will come back tomorrow as the plan is to go to Orsa björnpark. Hopefully I can link som photos by then.

Jul 7, 2005
Today it was a really warm day. By Swedish standards atleast. Jessica of course thought it was just "warm". The temperature was up to approx 30 degrees. I spent most of the day inside working. I must say I do consider moving the computer out. We'll see if I can convince myself to do it anytime soon. As most of what I did was working there is not much to tell. I managed to get the program to save all the data gathered during the testing though. During the evening me and jessica went for a walk. And I managed to fall over and get burned on a plant. Not bad it just stung for a while. Now I sound really clumsy but it was highgrass (about waist high) and sloped down and on top of that uneaven grounds. But true I am not the most gracious creature to walk this earth. But I am not so clumsy either.

Jul 6, 2005
So today the European Parlament voted on software patents. Both sides voted no. So that was good. Of course I would much rather have seen a clear stand on the stupidity of software patents. But atleast we are not stuck with something that both sides thinks is bad. On a much more local level today was a good day. I got a fair ammount of wokring done. My program can now do some basic testing of a machine, and show the user the result. And if something went wrong, it tells exactly what went wrong. I also managed to unpack one box completly and I started making room in the wardrobe for Jessica's clothing. Actually that is an excuse, I really should have cleaned out that wardrobe ages and ages ago. Now I was forced so that was good. As the day came to an end we watched eXistenZ which I think is a really good movie. Pretty much the same basic story as the Matrix but as someone on imdb put it "If the Matrix is an `oooh, aaah' sort of film, then this is more an `oooh, eeugh' movie - but don't allow the glare of the Matrix to dull your senses to the darker appeal of eXistenZ." Which is very true. If you have not seend it make sure you do! (only 69kr on wich is a real bargain!)

Jul 5, 2005
This day was basically the first one home. As I have fixed my computers so I can work a good deal of the day was spent working. I feel a bit guilty about not having worked much since bascially wednesday last week. But now I'm back on track, I hope, I still have lots of other things to do. Like unpacking all my stuff and checking what to keep and what to throw away. After a long day me and Jessica watched When Harry met Sally. A quite okay movie.

Jul 4, 2005
So today was the actual day of the handover of the apartment. We left Borlänge a couple of minutes before 8 to get to the bank in Västerås in time (10:15). Of course on the very last bit of the road there had been an accident so the traffic was led around it, that made me 10 minutes late for my appointment. Not much to fuss about. I met the new owner of the flat for the second time and also the real estate agent again. It all went rather smooth. So I got lots of money inserted into my bank account. I have never in my life had so much money as I now have. Of course the tax office want their share of the cake, but I will enjoy it as long as I can! After that I went to the hospital for the last routine checkup before I go. And then back in the car again. Feels like I spent the entire day in the car. But I guess at the end of the day it was worth it. When I got home I began looking at a bug in my code. But I was way to tired to make any progress on it, so I decided that I will solve that tomorrow.

Jul 3, 2005
First day of living at home is comming to an end. So far nothing interesting has happened. The day was spent unpcking the most important things, like my computers so I can continue working. And as observant visitors now notice it is working. It was a bit of an adventure to get every computer at home to talk to each other. And I had forgotten part of how to reconfigure a UNIX machine. But with some help from google I managed to solve that. So now all is working again. Tomorrow the actual handover of the flat is happening. So we have to start fairly early from here to get to västerås in time. But it should be no worries.

Jul 2, 2005
So today was THE DAY. I am now at my new home in Borlänge. All my stuff is residing in boxes on the floor below me. Feels kind of weird actually. At present it has not yet sunk in I guess. Right now it feels like I am home for vacation only. As Jessica and I were pretty much packed and ready to go it didn't take that long to get all my stuff into the van and car and drive it here. While we were at it we also cleaned out the flat so now it is ready for the new tennant. It's werid to have all your stuff in boxes. If I want to see a movie of mine, I first have to find the box (don't worry they are labled!) and then the dvd in the box. But oh well it is only for a few weeks time then I'm off to new adventures.

Jul 1, 2005
I did not post anything yesteday, not because I forgot, but because "they" cut the internet access to my building for maintenance yesterday. It is supposed to comeback later this evening, but I doubt that. We'll see how it goes. On the news front not much is happening. More than ever I'm living in boxes. Today we will pack up the last things and then it is time to move tomorrow. Now it feels so final. I don't really want to leave, but at the same time I do. Yesterday I had a friend over for dinner, we cooked something really nice (poched chicken, rice, avocado sauce, and a dessert that contained mulberries and strawberries) After a nice dinner we went out to a local pub. All the pubs are non-smoking now! Finally! So in all it was a really good day. As of today well well there is just packing and cleaning left to do. I can't say I look forward to that, but it must be done.

Jun 29, 2005
So I forgot to enter stuff into my blog yesterday as well (well "today" if you look at the date of the posting). I will again cheat a bit with the date. So what did I do then? Work of course, I finished a demo of the last piece I am supposed to code. And as I am moving really soon, I think I'll wait with writing more code until I have some feedback (I may have it already, I have not checked my mailbox yet). Apart from working we were out for fika. Jessica wanted to visit Öhrmans café which is one of the oldest in Västerås so we went there. It was really nice! For dinner we expermimented again. This time we had puff pastry (Filodeg) and made pies with mushrooms and zuccini and eggs and stuff. It turned out to be really nice!