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Aug 22, 2005
Today I started working again. I did some bug correktions for wexiodisk. It all went pretty smooth actually so that was good. I still have a few things left to do though. After that I went for a walk, which ended up being a walk to the national park here in Glenbrook. It was quite a long walk (an hour walk one way I'd say). It was nice though, I took some photos. I will put them up to my flickr account later tonight. The address to check ocationally is: After the walk I went home and just watched TV, I was tired from the long walk.

Aug 21, 2005
This morning Jessica came in and woke me up pretty early to go to the markets in Penrith. Since I always oversleep a bit we did not have any breakfast at home, but had it mcdonalds. We walked around the markets looking at pretty much anything you can imagine. When we were done we caught the train home and made lunch. Pumpkin soup. After lunch the whole family went for a drive up the mountains. We went to a small village called Leura. It is a small village close to the top of the mountains. We started at a lookout right outside Leura. We walked around there looked at shops and generally took it easy. After a while it was fika time. So we went into one of the local café . After fika we took a quick drive by Katoomba. Which turned out to be a good idea! The blue mountans right before sunset was stunning. I have some photos that will come up tomorrow probably.

Aug 20, 2005
Today Jessica started working early. I was awake when she left and I would get up "soon". But time just slipped away, so I did not get up until tenish. I muddled around a bit at home. Then Jessica's dad was going to the tip with some garbage, and I offered to help him. He accepted and off we went. Well at the tip I was horrified! What they do with their garbage! I did not think anyone in an industrial country did that any more. What they do is that they separate wood, metal from the rest and then dump the rest in a pile and cover with dirt! As I said I did not think that any country that is considered an "I-country" did any of that any more! It is sad times we live in, sad times indeed. I just wonder how much longer mother nature will put up with us if we behave like this. Anyway back from the tip I watched a movie, tried to repair a surround amplifier, but the thing already worked!

Aug 19, 2005
Today I did not do much. I fixed a problem with Jessica's computer. Her mum seemed a bit impressed that I managed to insert the networkcard and get the computer back together in less than a minute (it's a dell so it's totally screwless, therefore it was so quick). I then helped Jessica's dad fix a multimeter that was broken. And that concludes the day pretty much. The good thing with staying for so long is that you do not need to hurry to see all the things there is to see.

Aug 18, 2005
Today Jessica and I went back into Sydney. Why you might wonder, oh well there is lots of things to see in Sydney, trust me! So today we took it easy, walked around to martin place. That name may not be familiar to many, but it is in that scene in the matrix where Morpheous asks Neo "Were you listening to me, or watching the woman in the red dress?". I wanted to walk past there again (3 years since last time) to get some photos of it this time, plus it was on the way down to Circular Quay. Circualar Quay is very close to the opera house, the harbour bridge etc. We walked around there and then went to the Rocks, which is one of the oldest parts of Sydney. Apparantly there is even some cobble stones there! (to people like me cobble stones are not very exciting, but in Sydney there are no cobble stones, except for the Rocks). After the Rocks it ws time to get home again. I have now put up some photos of my adventures on flickr. The adress to go to is and it contains a rare photo of Jessica even! She never wants to be in any pictures so this may very well be the only one you'll ever see of her.

Aug 17, 2005
Today we were supposed to get up kind of early (about 9) and go to katoomba. Of course we both overslept that with close to an hour. I guess sleeping so much has it's price anyway. After a late start we made it to Katoomba anyway. Katoomba is a small city located at the top of the Blue Mountains. It's a nice little city. We went there and walked the very steep (pictures may come up later) road to Echo Point. Echo Point is a lookout over the Jamison valley and a rock-formation called the Three Sisters. It was lovely weather. Probably around 20 cooler than yesterday but we were much higher up in the mountains. The walk to Echo Point takes close to 30 min. After spending some time there we went home. Oh before I forget we had lunch at a rather fancy restaurant that made everything themsleves. Even the pasta was home-made. It was excellent food, if somewhat expensive. We also bought some of their home made chocolates. It was really good. Jet lag still lurking a bit but it's mostly gone.

Aug 16, 2005
So back again! Although "back" could be a bit missleading. I am in fact in Australia. In a small town not far from Sydney. The flight down went rather smooth, but of course it was way too long. The landing in Kuala lumpur was really smooth. Unfortunatly the one in Sydney was not as smooth. So for the first time in my life I used a barfbag. One experience I did want to add to my list of experiences. But one should see things from the good side. It was in Sydney, so it was rather close to the final stop. We got off the plane and the customs man looked funny at me saying "You have no food at all?!" (You have to declare all food when entering australia, and I had handed every last piece of food to jessica as native australians get through easier) and I say "Nope" and then I was through. We met jessica's parents and went home. After something close to 12 hours of sleep I went up today. Rather early actually it was around 9 am. The plan for the day was to go the chinese gardens in central Sydney. I wrote about it earlier, but did not say what the plan was. But now you know. We went into Sydney, ate a quick lunch, and then we went on the monorail and eventually got off at our stop. We found the garden and went in. It was really nice. We spent some 1.5 hours. It was a very nice day. After the garden we walked around the city abit and then went home again. So far everything is just excellent in australia! Even the weather is really nice today it was something like +20 (in Sydney) and the aussies call that "winter"! I have even had the time to unpack my computer which made the trip with me, and as you can see it is connected to the internet! Excellent work for my first day!

Aug 12, 2005
Today was a good day, fixed the very last bits before the travel. Nothing much though, just small things like headache pills and similar. In the evening me and Jessica saw the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. I thought it was a good movie. Well worth both time and money. Tomorrow is the first travelling day. We will leave Borlänge during the day and stay at a hotel in Stockholm since the plane takes off so early on Sunday morning. Having said that the forwardthinking readers will reach the conclusion that it will be a gap in the blogging now. I will probably not be able to blog until possibly Wedenesday, maybe Tuesday depending on circumstances. But then I hope to give an account of a flight across half the known world. Hopefully also a list of films I saw on the plane, and what I thought about them. We will see though, hopefully jet-lag will not be too much of a hassle. But most of all I hope the flight goes smooth.

Aug 11, 2005
So today is almost the last day before we leave. Tomorrow to go as well. That meant that the greater part of the day was spent trying to fit everything in. Which of course is always stressfull and, well, trying. We did in the end manage to squeeze everything in, so that was good. But it was a close call. Now it is just waiting left. Hopefully it will be a rather quick waiting and nothing bad will happen. But throughout the day I've found things I want to bring and forgotten. I just hope I've found everything now.

Aug 10, 2005
One day less. I am starting to get a bit nervous. But it will be fine I hope. Today was a day of bad weather. But the afternoon turned out to be quite pleasant. We decided to go on a bit of turist trip to the north of Dalarna. It was a nice little trip, not very far. Arriving home I bought a new phone, and some shoes. So now I am definatly ready to go :) In the evening me and Jessica watched Sleepy Hollow.