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Jun 20, 2005
Today I woke up beside Jessica, I had forgotten how good that is! It was really nice! To make a good day even better I got stuff for my computer today! It is always fun to get electronic stuff in the mail! Today's delivery contained 1Gb of RAM so now I have enough memory to do programming and debugging efficently. I have actually been suffering a bit from having too little memory. The package also contained one DVD-RAM disc and a bag for my DV-camera so now I'm all set for adventures in Australia. Today I had deciced to have the day off from work. So me and Jessica went down to Mälaren and had an ice-cream and sat in the grass enjoying the warm and sunny weather. Jessica commented on how "weird" swedish people are, she thought it was weird to go out and lie on the grass dressed in just your undies :) We also had a nice walk around the centarl parts of västerås.

Jun 19, 2005
Today SHE arrived! After a waaaay too long wait at the airport (the plane was 5 min late) she finaly arrived. After a nice lunch we went out for a walk to Mälaren. We laid down for a bit of a snooze in the sun. After that we went home for a bit of fika and ps2. To make a long story short a really good day is comming to an end. And I should really not be here at the computer so I leave now :)

Jun 18, 2005
Right now it's only hours left! That feels soooo good! True tomorrow will start early. But it is sure worth it. So today I have made the final preparations. Among other things I made a lassanga and used 3 different kinds of cheeses for the sauce. So it has potential of being a good one! A part from that I have worked on my project and I am almost "there" now with all the parts of the first pdf I have to make. When all the parts are present there will be a few days to fine-tune it so it becomes what is expected. I also found a bug in the Java virtual machine (version 1.4.2) and had it confirmed from Sun that it is a bug in their code, not mine. So we'll see if I work around that or not. It is kind of fun this with bloging, during the day I walk around and think "yeah I can type about that" but once I sit here I of course don't remember :) Enough though, it is time to go to bed, early start tomorrow.

Jun 17, 2005
So now it all starts. When I wake up tomorrow Jessica is on the plane here. I spoke to her today and she was not looking forward to the flight. I understand her. 23 hours and 55 minutes flight is not the best thing in the world. In the mean time I've got some boxes. I went into ICA yesterday to ask for banana boxes, then they only had them full of bananas so he thought I should check back a few days later. So today I walked to Konsum asking the same question. They wanted money for their boxes! A bit stingily if you ask me. The lady told me the money went to some kind of rainforrest project. So I guess in the end it goes to a good cause. So I bought 4 boxes and went home. I cleaned out my celler completly! It feels a bit strange actually. All my precious junk going into boxes. But atleast I get to keep it! As I was packing time flew! And all of a sudden it was dinnertime. I thought pancakes would be good, quick and easy to make. and also they would leave leftovers for tomorrow. So I go about making them. And get a good idea while I was at it! "Why not add a little bit of honey to them?" So I did. As I messured up the flour something went awfully wrong! I put in twice the ammount needed. So I just poured in more milk and egs. Well to make a long story short I sure have left overs now! But they taste great! While I was packing, my computer thought it was time to crash on me. Which is the reason I disslike windows so much. Unfortunatley my work forces me to work under windows. But I do have plans to try to do most of the work under Linux and perhaps just do testing under windows. That is a really neat thing with Java. Well enough blabbing. I clearly hear Alpha Centauri calling (I better play now because from Sunday on I will not be allowed to, we all know who's the boss around here, and it is not me ;)

Jun 16, 2005
Today was a very rewarding day. I started more seriously to generate Pdf-files. And it worked like a charm! I've learned heaps and I like to learn new stuff, so that's excellent! Most of the stuff I've learned it a bit too technical to talk about here but none the less readers should be able to appreciate the joy of both solving a problem and learning new things in the process! I also spoke with my contact person at Wexiödisk to verify that I am doing what they expect me to do. I have been most fortunate with wexiödisk actually. When I started doing my thesis there I knew none at the company and nothing of the company. Quite quickly me and my contact person got along well. During the past 6 months (almost! I can't realize it has been so long!) we've talked lots. He is good at giving me feedback. And importantly the feedback comes quickly. So that means I deliver what they want (I hope :) and I can do it quickly. It is always a team effort to develop a program. Not many people may realize that writing the code is probably about half of the work. Design (before) coding and testing during and after coding is really important. I kind of feel sorry for my contact at wexiödisk I mean I send him all the crappy and buggy versions of my program. But he has been really enthusiastic and happily tested and always given me good feedback. So that the end result looks good is very much thanks to him (and all others that has given feedback). Enough of that now though. I spoke to Jessica today. Neither of us can really understand how close it is until she is here. Trust me when you've waited 31 weeks 2 days seems unrealistic, and just amazingly short :) So today I finished up the cleaning. I swept the floors and I tell you, after all this cleaning I know for sure that the theory a friend of mine propsed a few years back is true! There must be someone in my flat and making it dirty when I am away! Surely I can't be such a grot! (for all of you non-australians, a grot is someone filthy). A kind of funny thing happened when I went out to clean the carpets. I went out and well I didn't want to get all the dust right outside the door so I go out a few meters. Do what I was there to do and then I go back. And well of course the door had closed, and I had forgot the keyes inside! So there was no way I could get in! I walked around the house and called on the neighbour across the hall. No reply. I try the next flat (right next to mine) no reply. I try a few others, none was at home or if they were they did not lift the phone. In the end a guy came and let me in. I've been living here for the past three years and this is the first time this happens. But still I felt really stupid. Well enough is enough.

Jun 15, 2005
Yet another day is comming to it's end. Another warm and nice summer day. See if you can follow me now, I almost feel bad for not feeling bad sitting inside all day. But today I worked 10 hours straight on my project. I did have a break for going out finding some resitors and also looking for a travel-adaptor for Australia. And then I went back inside again working more. On the good side though is that I am making progress. Now I can generate pdf-files and today I even got them to look the way I want. Kind of, still a bit of tweaking needed of course. But it is fun! and very exciting. Imagine if someone three years ago would have told me "In three years time you'll write a program with a graphical user interface and it will dynamically generate pdf-files". I would not have believed that person. Now when you look back upon courses like Data Structures and Algorithms you think they are easy. But then they were not. But it feels good to have the knowledge to write programs to make the computer do what I want. Like when the chat-module in ICQ stopped working. I looked around for some program to take it's place. And found none. So what could I do? Well I sat down and wrote a program. I have not yet published it here on the site. But fear not I will. Not just yet though, a few more features need to find it's way in there, and a few more bugs out :)

Jun 14, 2005
This time I will start at the end of the day and work towards the begining. The weather today has been absolutely wonderful. Sunshine and nice warm temperatues. When I spoke to a friend I said something along the lines of "days like these one should sit on the balcony and enjoy a beer" and he replies "I have a balcony, why don't you come over?". I had no reason whatsoever to say no to sitting on a balcony, having a beer or two, and a nice time. After the sun set and the temperatures began dropping we went inside for a bit of boardgame. In all a very nice evening. So that proves that it is good not keeping your mouth shut. Summer is really here now. Even the light of day seems to be hesitant of leaving so it lingers for quite a few hours. Enough said of the good evening. I reviewed my code today, rewrote the portion sending the program to the card. And while I was at it I clocked it to see how long key parts of it took. I noticed that most of the time was spent on parts outside of my control. So in order to speed it up I had to break the specification of X-modem a bit. It's no big deal and the reciever will never really know I broke it. But by having a larger sending window I managed to roughly half the time it took to send the program. But since computers and communication lines have improved quite a bit since late 1970's it is safe to do this. IF it is done properly. And I think I've done it properly. I was a bit reluctant to continue coding after doing that. Since I was basically done with that part I was in no mood to start on the next part. But once I got started it was fun! So I quickly threw together a demo. The demo was mostly for myself so I have something to work on. I have several ideas for improvment already. So tomorrow I will do some of them, or all depending on how much time I have. I also found that I like java lots! The general idea with java seems to be "if it is easy to do, it should already be done" so I found a way to load and save data from my form in a very efficent way. I really like that mentality that trivial things are already done. Sure it is easy to implement a linked list, I mean it would take me like 10 minutes to write it in java or C/C++ but since it is frequently used, why should I re-invent the wheel? (so, yes a linked list is provided by the java language) Longest blog entry so far! But even this enty must come to an end. Ps. the tile comes from William Shakespeare and the full poem can be read here

Jun 13, 2005
Another day is comming to an end. Also with one more day down, the date until Jessica finally arrives is closer than ever. I can hardly believe it. It is kind of like christmas eve, every year you wait for and wait for it, and all of a sudden it is here. So that means I've cleaned my flat some more. I really hope she thinks I've done a good job ;) I have noticed I have a few persons reading my blog every day. I am most surprised! This was never intended to attract any audience, but I am none the less glad I do have readers! So thank you! :) I managed to get the bug and program loading done yesterday, today I discovered that it was really slow. I began investigating the reason why, and have so far not come to any conclusions. I guess more studies and code reviews are awaiting me. It is most interesting this work i have! Today I found out that my inital plan for generating a file will not work. Dissapointing but at the same time it is very challanging! I now have to find a different way of doing this. Don't worry I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Jun 12, 2005
As I wrote yesterday, I arrived home a bit late (somewhere around 1:30 or so) and of course I couldn't sleep, so in all I slept 3 hours this night. So today have been very long. I've done very few interesting things. I cleaned up my apartment a bit. Must get it in order now that Jessica is soon comming here! Further more I started looking more seriously at how to generate pdf-files, as that seems to be the next logical step at work. Also I am wrapping things up with my commitments here in Västerås. In only 3 weeks time I will move, so it's time I got started with that. I also found a really neat site on how to write really bad code. (if you don't program the following will not seem very interesting or funny at all, just be warned :) it's located here: the worst sorting algortithm they end up with there has an average case performance of O(n!^2) which of course is basically as bad as it can get! But it was fun to read. So that concludes the end of this week. And tomorrow it is more work, it's excellent having a job you like I can really recomend it to everyone! ;)

Jun 11, 2005
Today I woke up kind of early (for a saturday) and I started working on my afore mentioned bug. And to my own surprise I found it within the hour! It turned out I was not calculating the checksums wrong. I had simply assumed that the numbering of the packets started at 0 for X-modem, when they infact start at 1. So that proves that you should always try to think out of the box. After correcting that bug I felt good about myself so I didn't "need" to work more today :) Later that day I watched some Dilbert, and found lots of new funny things. So that gave me a laugh. While watching Dilbert a friend asked me if I wanted to come over to his place, for some tea and tabletop games. And of course I accepted! So i went over there, and came back a little later than I had intended, but I had a good time.