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Jan 5, 2006
Today it rained again, or still I guess is the word. Good I suppose but it was cold and gloomy all day. Jessica did not work today so we stayed home and just took it easy. Jessica worked on her softie. Jessica also put up some pictures of the new years fireworks so have a look. We walked to Levy st to get our swimmers back and also get some more rabbit food. Plus we needed to buy a few small things so we combined it all. On the way home we became witnesses to a car accident! At the redlights crossing the Great Western Highway a car drove (or slid, it was wet..) into a car stopping at the lights. Nothing dramatic, low speeds but a loud bang! Only damages to the cars as far as we can see, and mostly to the lady's car, the lady who drove into the standing car. That is about the most exciting thing that happened today.

Jan 4, 2006
Today Jessica got up at 5. She asked if i was going up too. I answered no and went back to sleep for another couple of hours. When I got up it turned out to be a misserable day. About +16 and rain! Swedish summer almost! It was good it was raining though, helps the fires (actually helps the firemen fighting the fire..) now burning south of Sydney. Also it gives the bush some much needed rain. I spent the day working on a hobby project that will appear on my website fairly soon.

Jan 3, 2006
Today it was back to work day. As Jessica started early so did I. It is amazing how long days you get if you are up by 6. Later that day I went into penrith for some grocery shopping. On my way to the station I got "attacked" by a very nice girl working for a charity organization. She spoke and spoke. In the end she wanted what they always want of course, money. Not cash in hand, but my credicard or direct deposit. I did not give them anything of course, how do I know they are even doing what they claim with the money they get. Oh well it was a nice chat and it made the time I had to wait for the train shorter. In the evening we went for a swim in the neighbours pool. It was fun to swim, I have not swam for ages! We did not swim at night though, even though the topic claims that (with credit to R.E.M).

Jan 2, 2006
Today felt very much like "the day after". As we had nothing that had to be done Jessica and I just took it easy. We watched the end of a movie we started yesterday. Did some washing up. That's pretty much it. The temperature was way down today. 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. It was at the peak about +22 today. And rain, so that felt nice after such a hot day.

Jan 1, 2006
All of yesterday I spent sitting under a tree at observatory hill in central Sydney. I went in with the 10 train, so I was at Observatory hill at 12. I fell asleep there under the tree and got a bit sunburnt, not too bad though. At 7 Jessica arrived from work. It was a warm day, not too bad though. At 9 pm the first fireworks went off (for families with kids) and we had an excellent spot! After that it was more hours of waiting. But finally the time came and mind you, it was worth the wait! It was big and magnificent fireworks. They lasted for something like 15 minutes. Lots of people around, but it was not too much. After the fireworks were done we walked to the station. One day a year you are allowed to walk in the middle of George street. So we did just that. It felt like all of Sydney was out on the streets! The sidewalks were packed. The street it self was packed! Eventually we got to the station and found that our train was not due for another half hour. Nothing to do though, so we got on the train and waited. We arrived home at 2:30 or so. We went to bed pretty much right away. Apparantly the night was calm, nothing serious happened. Today we got up at 11:20, a bit later than we intended but it was nice to just take it easy. The temperature went up to +42 today! Manalive it was hot! After being out to hang the laundry up it felt cool inside. But it was +30 inside! We did not do much today a bit of laundry but that's it. With such temperatures you do not do much.

Dec 30, 2005
So this year is comming to an end. I won't ramble about all the things I've done, or should have done, you can just read my blog for that. Today Jessica went over to Levy st for the annual christmas party with Christines part of the family. It was just me and Jessica comming, plus 19 other people! It was lots of people! Christine has a B I G family. So I think I've met all of jessica's relatives now. It was fun. The weather was good but hot (+37). Tomorrow is newyears, so I will go into sydney to watch the fireworks and stuff. I won't be home until much later (the train home goes at threeish in the morning) so there will be no blog entry tomorrow. I hope it will be fun and good.

Dec 29, 2005
Today Jessica worked again, so that meant an early start. Not as early as yesterday though. I stayed up fixing the dvd, and as a result I can happily announce that it is ready! Well actually there are one little thing that needs fixing. But I will fix that tomorrow. The temperature got up to 34ish today and I had to walk down to the shopps. It was warm, but bearable. I bought some fertilizer for our tomatoplant and some food for us as well. The redbacks we sprayed yesterday are now gone. Some ants found them early this morning and have worked all day to recover the dead bodies. It is amazing how nature works. In just a few hours the ants are there, grabbing the spider. Nothing goes to waste..

Dec 28, 2005
Today Jessica started working at 7 so that meant we got an early start. I stayed up and finished the dvd, or so I thought. At lunchtime I went in to penrith to meet up with Jessica and fix a few things. We then went home and I discovered that my dvd was now not playable in a dvd player, not much fun.. But it was fialy easy to fix, so I spent the rest of the evening fixing that (easy to fix, but time consuming). Jessica went out to give our plants a bit of water (water restrictions allow us to do that on wednesdays and sundays). While out she discovered a redback spider living close to our house (infact ON the house). I went out to spray it and while spring it I discovered a second one. Neither of us were really happy with those kind of spiders so close by.

Dec 27, 2005
Today was a day with nothing planned. It was nice to be allowed to sleep for as long as we wanted, and not feel we had to get up and do something. We spent the day cleaning up the house after christmas. We also went to Jessica's parents house for afternoon tea. We did as you notice not do much. I finished the testing of the dvd in the evning and Jessica worked on her softie.

Dec 26, 2005
Today it was time for another brunch, this time at Jessica's aunt's house. We got picked up at 10 and went there. It was a nice day. We spent most of the day there. Eating, talking to relatives. We also got a few more christmas gifts, this time from Jessica's relatives.