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Oct 5, 2018
Frida came in around six and Jessica got up around seven. Frida and I stayed in bed a bit longer. We got up at eight and made breakfast. After breakfast Jessica and I went for a walk down the village to get some supplies and get out of the house. The weather was cool and unpleasant with winds and rain. Back home we had morning tea. I updated the minecraft version we had, and after lunch tried it. It was pretty interesting. Big change this time. After lunch Sofia, Farmor, and Farfar left and went into Penrith. We stayed home and muddled about at home. I played some minecraft with Evie adn did some packing and other bits and pieces around the house. We had afternoon tea and after that I went and spoke to Buzz about next week. We came in and started making dinner. We had dinner, and Evie kicked up a fuss. We got her to where she needed to be and then got everyone to bed.

Oct 4, 2018
Frida came in around seven and we got up around eight. The weather was overcast and wet. We had breakfast and then baked brownies for morning tea. After morning tea we did some general muddling about. Not a whole lot of stuff got done. We had lunch. After lunch Frida, Farmor, and Farfar got driven to the train and went into Penrith. At home the big kids were playing and Jessica cleaned and I played some kingdom hearts. We had afternoon tea and then Sofia and Jessica went and picked up Frida, Farmor, and Farfar. From there it was pretty much time to cook dinner. I went out and picked a leek and we made potato and leek soup. After dinner I worked on the tank sensor. I think it is good to go for a trial now. I also looked at boxes for it. It was a wet miserable day, but boy do we need the rain so one should not complain.

Oct 3, 2018
Frida came in around seven and Jessica went up and went for a walk shortly after. Frida demanded we'd get up right away, but I managed to hold out a little while longer. We then got up and made breakfast. After breakfast we muddled about a bit. Parents went for a walk with Evie while we stayed home. I sat down and patted Rollo for a long while, he quite enjoyed it. Parents came home and we finished cleaning his cage and then had morning tea. We had lunch shortly after as Sofia was going to the orthodontist today at 13, which meant we had to leave here early. Evie and parents stayed home (they were going out later), Frida went to granny and the rest of us went to the orthodontist. We had a short wait and then we were seen for an equally short time. We passed the shop on the way back and then came home and had afternoon tea. Jessica and Sofia went looking for something I knew was in the garage and while I told Jessica it was, she didn't believe me so she spent about half an hour in the attic with Sofia looking for it. I was cooking. When I had a break in the cooking I went out and got it and showed Jessica. She was confused. We had dinner and then put all the girls to bed.

Oct 2, 2018
We slept to about six thirty or so, when Sofia came in. She nagged Jessica to go for a walk. Eventually they went for a walk. Frida came in and cuddled for a bit but decided it was breakfast time as soon as Jessica left. I managed to stay in bed another half hour until we got up and made breakfast. After breakfast we pretty much showered, all of us. We took turns and spaced it out a tad to make sure we had hot water all of us. We had morning tea and then I did some work on the tank level sensor. We had lunch and after lunch I decorated the cake. I squeezed in some openttd before I went and picked up Frida from pre-school. She was happy to come, but felt she had to finish their afternoon tea before she came home. She was tired. At home we sat down and watched some TV, while Jessica fixed fika, mormor, morfar and Jane arrived. With the show over we had afternoon tea adn gift exchange. From there I went out and fixed the trampoline and watered the garden. We then got picked up and drove to Blaxland for dinner. It was good, not excellent but good. We came home and put all girls in bed. I managed to get the tank sensor working which was very nice. Now I need to tidy it up a smidgen and then write the driver for the weather station to poll for the data, then integrate it into my skin.

Oct 1, 2018
Frida came in around six and wriggled in our bed for about an hour until Jessica got up and went for a walk with her. Jessica came back and left Frida with me and then went for a longer walk. Frida and I made breakfast and at eight woke everyone else up. After breakfast it was the usual routine for morning, with laundry and whatnot. I baked a cake for tomorrow. We had morning tea and then parents went for a walk and bought some things. At home we did some light gardening and then had lunch. After lunch i put the cake together and then played Battle for Hogwarts with Sofia. We had afternoon tea and then I wrapped up the gift for tomorrow. From there it was bath time and dinner cooking time. I also managed to squeeze some tank sensor work in. I have all the little bits and pieces working now, but not quite reliably enough. After dinner it was the usual routine until bedtime.

Sep 30, 2018
Frida came in around seven thirty, Jessica got up and went for a walk with Evie while Frida stayed in bed with me. She was hungry so we got up and made porridge, as well as woke up farmor and farfar. After breakfast we did some laundry and general muddling about. We made lunch and after lunch farmor and farfar took all the kids to the park (and shop) and Jessica and I went to Bunnings in the hope of getting a magnolia and some capsicum. We didn't get a magnolia but did get capsicum and some watermelon plans. We also bought a new compost bin. Back home we did the rubbish and such while waiting for kids and parents. After fika we did some gardening, planting our new plants. Once inside I set to work on building my tank level monitor. I got it to the point that I was connecting up the ultrasonic sensor, which was not bad at all. I didn't get it all to work. I had to read about pulse width modulation and how to do that. Tomorrow should be an interesting day, hopefully. We then cooked dinner and then it was normal bed routine.

Sep 29, 2018
Jessica and Sofia went for a walk around seven thirty. I stayed in bed with Frida and Evie. We got up after eight and made breakfast. Farmor and Farfar came up shortly after. After breakfast we hung laundry and then had morning tea. After morning tea the girls, farmor and farfar and I went down to the village, more to do something than anything else. Back home again we had lunch. After lunch we went to Lennox park. Sofia and I biked there and the others went in the car. We had afternoon tea there. Back home again we did some gardening and then I cooked dinner. After dinner we sat down and watched some nature documentary and then put all the girls to bed. I worked a bit on my new raspberry zero before giving up and played some openttd until bed.

Sep 28, 2018
I slept to about eight. I got up and helped get all the girls ready. Jessica walked them to school while parents got ready. We then walked down and met Jessica at the school. From there we walked to the village and had morning tea. Back home again we looked at the garden and I started the sprinkler for the grapes. We hung laundry and then had lunch. Frida and I put on a second load of laundry and helped hang that. I baked a cake to have for afternoon tea. Jessica went and did some shopping while we stayed home with parents and Frida. With kids home granny, granddad and Jane came over for afternoon tea. They hung around for a long time, but luckily the spoke to parents and not us. We started making dinner and then they left. We had dinner and then put all the girls to bed before going to be ourselves.

Sep 27, 2018
I got up and made the usual train. At the office it was a quiet morning. We had butterbings in the office for morning tea, which was nice. From there I did my usual work, trying madly to wrap everything up. I had lunch with Paul C which was good. We had a good conversation about houses and careers. From lunch it was more of the wrapping up stuff to do. I was in the office until 19.00 at which point I gave up, having worked an 11 hour day. I walked to the station with Hendrik talking about our next project. I then went to the airport, what a ripoff the opal fare is! I sat down and read and had an overpriced coffee. Eventually Bryan came and then parents came out. From there we drove home. It was a long but smooth drive home. At home we had some tea and then bed.

Sep 26, 2018
I woke up by the alarm but struggled to get up. All kids were up before me, and I was at the office around quarter to seven! Sofia made pancakes for breakfast, which is good, I guess I just wish she would have asked. After breakfast I spent the day performance testing. I coded up a new check and got that deployed. I found out that Elastic Search returns a 403 (forbidden) when it is out of disk space, so I grew the volume and then got back to testing. I also reviewed code. It took all day to get the performance measurements in. It was fairly slow going to be honest. At about quarter to two I braved the weather (it had been raining earlier) and walked down to school and helped teach CS First. It went well. I think we're getting the hang of it now. It was not too busy and with one teacher and one me we had enough time to help all students which was good. It was raining when it was time to go home so I went home with Jessica and the kids in the car. At home Sofia had a quick change of clothes and brush of teeth before going to the orthodontist. I stayed home with the other two. I did more work as I needed to keep the testing up and needed to space things out between runs. I did around 9.5 hours of work today.