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Jan 9, 2019

I got up around seven and when I went into the kid's room to wake them up, Frida was already up, dressed and was brushing her hair. We had breakfast and then packed the rest of the things. Frida didn't want to go home. We left the house at about 9 and drove to Bathurst. We had morning tea in Bathurst. We went to a french litlte cafe and had morning tea there, it was good. From there we drove to Lithgow, and Littleton park and had lunch there. From there we got in the car and drove to Wentworth Falls, and stopped for a play. Neither Jessica nor I really felt like going and getting afternoon tea things from Schwartz's so we didn't. We got into the car and drove home. At home we unloaded the car and had early afternoon tea. Jessica made the mistake of texting her parents to let them know we were home, less than half an hour later they come and drop off Jane for well over two hours. I was not pleased. We unpacked, we showered or bathed and had dinner. Kids went to bed a bit earlier and with that we were home. Now it is a bit more holiday before returning to work on Tuesday.

Jan 8, 2019

The kids were up in the night, Evie in particular. Eventually we got her to sleep. They were up again at about six, I told them to go back to bed for at least an hour. They were up again in about an hour. I got up and got breakfast started while Jessica slept a bit more. We left home around nine thirty and went for morning tea down at the Sugar Mill. From there we walked to The Elephant Park. It has no elephants in it, but it is a big nice park. We were walking there and playing on equipment for a bit. We then walked home and had lunch. After lunch we rested a little bit before heading out to the Orange Botanical Gardens. We walked around and from there went to the Adventure Playground that is at the same place. We had afternoon 'fika' there, in the form of ice cream. It was not very good, the ice cream that is, the park was good. From there we drove home. I walked to the shop and got some stuff and then came home and we packed stuff up for tomorrow's departure. We had dinner at home and then returned to Cook park for a bit in the evening. We came home and watched a movie a bit and then put the girls to bed. They were all quite tired.

Jan 7, 2019

We all slept poorly last night, I guess new place new beds. We got up around seven thirty or so. After breakfast we went for morning tea at a random cafe close by. From there we walked to the car and drove to Borenore Caves. It took about twenty minutes to drive there. Sofia was very happy there, Evie not so much. Frida liked it too, but she was also a bit uncertain. We had lunch at the picnic grounds before we left and drove home. At home we had a bit of a rest and a drink of water. We then walked down to the Sugar Mill and had afternoon tea. It was good, much better than the morning coffee. We had planned to walk to a park from there, but when we came out it was raining, so we walked home in the rain. At home we did some house work. The weather soon cleared and we went to Cook park. It was a good park, large had ducks birds roses and big trees. We walked home and had dinner. After dinner we sat down and watched a movie for a bit. We put the kids to bed, and then thunder rolled in so they were all up and scared for a bit. Eventually they went to sleep.

Jan 6, 2019

We got up around seven thirty and had breakfast. After breakfast the kids were all keen to go, but we had the last bits and pieces to do before we left. We managed to leave the house at about 9.30. We drove to Wentworth falls in the slight rain. We had morning tea at Schwartzes. We had planned to stop in the park but it was wet and a bit cold so we just go in and drove to Lithgow. We stopped in Littleton park and had a play and a run around a bit. We stayed for maybe twenty minutes or so. We decided to not have lunch there and instead drive to Bathurst, so we did that. We had lunch in a park in central Bathurst and then walked over to the Fossil and Minerals museum. They were soon closing so we did a rapid tour and of course had to buy something.From there we drove to Orange and found our place with ease. We unloaded the car and then walked down to central Orange and did some shopping for dinner and stuff. We walked back and had dinner. After dinner we sat down for a bit and then tried to put the girls to bed. It took a long time for them to go to sleep, new place, and they had to annoy each other as well.

Jan 5, 2019

Frida was up early. She came in around 6.30 (the second time) and Jessica told her to go bug me, so I popped her in bed with us and after some wriggling around she went to sleep for another hour. We got up around eight. We had breakfast and then did some stuff as the day was already hot (around 30). We went to granny for morning tea and then home again. We hung laundry and I got the rabbit it to give her a reprieve from the heat. She was not too keen when it came to being picked up, but I think it worked out ok in the end. She stayed in for most of the day. Oh and Jane came over shortly before lunch. I was not too keen, as I felt we had a lot to do and maybe we would need to go somewhere. Jane stayed for an hour or so. It was quite hot during the day, high thirties or low forties. We just continued on with getting ready for our trip. We had fika and decided to go out for dinner today. We left at about four twenty and drove to Blaxland to refuel the car and then drove to the club for dinner. We came home almost on the dot at six to talk to farmor and farfar. From there it was a normal evening. It started raining in the early evening and the temperature dropped radically.

Jan 4, 2019

We slept to about 7.30 today but didn't make it out of bed until 8. We had breakfast and then we got the kids to take out the stuff they wanted to bring (clothes, books, toys etc). We had morning tea. After morning tea Jessica went to the shops while I was home with the girls. We had lunch. After lunch we built some Lego. We looked at the route we plan on taking. Sofia baked a cake. We did some laundry too. I kneeded the pizza dough and before we knew it, it was dinner time. After dinner we watched a bit of a movie and then sent all the kids to bed. It was a hot day, weatherstation said 41 but I don't think it was quite that warm, it does get very warm on the roof, but some 38 I'd say is true.

Jan 3, 2019

I got up and made the train. At work I had a morning of clearing my blog reading backlog out. I guess in a sense it is good when you have 300+ blogs to read as you then by neccessity have to be very quick, most of them you just read the title and go 'na, not reading that'. I then had meetings and hand overs and stuff pretty much all day. I had lunch and then went out and got a thing for our travels and then came back in and did more of the same. I left the office a bit late, but with sprints to Wynyard and to the train at Central I made the train (with less than one minute to spare!). I was on the 16.02 train home. I did some JS training and then played open ttd. I am looking forward to having some time off now, will be nice.

Jan 2, 2019

I struggled to go to sleep, that's the problem when you sleep in long i the morning. I did get up in the morning and made my train. At the office there were more people in today. I had a busy day. I finished my presentation and then I was stuck in meetings pretty much all day. I had lunch with Ben and Lucy and then returned to my meetings. I didn't get much of 'my' stuff done today, but was stuck in meetings. I left the office shortly after 15.35 to make sure I made the 16.02 train home. On the train I did some JS training and then played some open ttd. I got off in Emu Plains and walked to Gary's workshop and helped him clean up his computer a bit. It took a long time due to the drive being exceedingly slow. We left there about 18.30 and they were kind enough to drive me home. From there it was dinner and normal bed routine.

Jan 1, 2019

We slept long today, to around nine. After breakfast we muddled around the house mostly. We did laundry, cleaning kitchen that sort of stuff. Given we started so late, we had morning tea very soon after breakfast. Frida and I made lunch when the time came. After lunch Jessica took the girls to 30 to finish watching Mary Poppins and I stayed home and did some JS training. Jessica came back for afternoon tea. We hung more laundry and did more general stuff. I put the threashold in place now that the sun had moved on. When i started cooking Jane came over. Luckily only for a short visit. We had dinner and Jane left as we were eating. From there it was normal evening.

Dec 31, 2018
I got up and made the train. I was in the office on this the last day of the year. It was very quiet in the office. I think there were only four of us there from the whole team. I spent the day working on my hazelcast talk. I had lunch with the few people at the office. It was really quite quiet and allowed for focus which was good. I finished the talk and did a run-through of it in an empty meeting room. I left the office slightly earlier as the trains ran on weekend timetable so i was on the 15.53 train home (or some such). At home we had dinner. After dinner we walked over ot granny for some New Years Eve celebrations. The kids loved it. We had brought bubbly juice and chips. We watched Mary Poppins until the fireworks. After the nine fireworks we walked home and put everyone to bed. We went to bed not long after.