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May 22, 2020
I slept in a bit today getting up after seven. I went to work for a bit and then had breakfast with the girls. Sofia went to school today but the other two were home. I did work until lunch. I had lunch with Jessica. I gave Rollo a hot water bottle to keep her a bit warm as the day was cool and windy. I returned to work and finished with a video call with Chandra at the very end. I wrapped up shortly after three clocking in just under 8 hours of work. I then made tea and cleaned the kitchen a bit. After fika I walked down to the village to get some stuff. At home we had dinner and then normal evening routine. Tonight Evie slept in the spare room, leaving me to work on my little laptop.

May 21, 2020
I got up and was at the office shortly after seven. I worked on my usual things. I had breakfast with the girls and not long after I had my morning meeting. While I was in meeting Jessica took Sofia for an X-ray. The other two stayed home and behaved well. I helped Frida with her school work after my meeting was done. I then returned to work. I came out for lunch. The kids were not ready so I ate alone and then read my book for a bit. I continued work until about three, we had fika and then some quiet time. I made dinner and after dinner I had a meeting with Bamboo in Gdansk. It took an hour taking my total work time to 9 hours for the day. I then had normal evening routine.

May 20, 2020
I slept to just before seven and was up after the news. I spent the day at the office. Evie was in a mood today so I had several talks with her around acceptable behaviour. Nothing too bad, but nothing too good either. I had lunch with the girls and then a quick shower followed by a hair cut. I returned to work and came back out at just after three after 8h of work. I had fika with the kids and had every intention of going out and mowing the nature strip. I did not make it out. I felt very tired. I did get the laundry down though. I then checked the kids' work and we had dinner and then normal evening routine.

May 19, 2020
I slept in today but it was fine, as today was my day off. Everyone at Atlassian got a day off in May and today was my day. We got the kids up and dropped them off at school, we then drove to Blaxland, trying the autosteer for a bit. We went on a bushwalk there. It took us about an hour and a half. It was a nice walk. We came back out and drove to the tip to drop off some polystyrene for recycling. We then came home and had a rest and looked at Sofia's birthday gift. I think she will be very happy. We then had lunch. After lunch we 'navigate on autopilot' to Emu Plains and dropped off some soft plastic and then did some shopping. We came home and played some Diablo 3 before getting the kids. We had fika and then it was just a normal afternoon and evening until bedtime.

May 18, 2020
I slept to shortly before seven and was at the office not long after. I had stuff left over from last week I wanted to cover so I did that. I had morning tea with the team and then continued my work. I had lunch with the girls and then returned for an interview. I was shadowing, but really I didn't really need to shadow but I'm just going with the program as I don't like interviewing. The interview finished and I had about half an hour or so left in my day. I continued with my thing and then wrapped up after 8h of work. I had afternoon tea with the girls and in the later afternoon went for a walk with Sofia down to the village go get milk. Back home it was normal evening routine until bed.

May 17, 2020
We slept in as usual. I woke up at about 7 and told the car to finish charging. All without getting out of bed. Once up we had breakfast and then cleaned the kitchen. After that we had some quick time on the PS4 before we made morning tea. After morning tea we tidied up the house a bit. We had lunch and then worked on our art project a little bit. Sofia went to a friend for a few hours at about 13.30. We stayed home and had a bath, and did the rubbish that sort of thing. We then had fika with fresh cookies that Jessica had baked. After that we played some trivia as Evie and Frida really likes it. After that I cooked dinner while Jessica went to get Sofia. After dinner it was normal routine until bed.

May 16, 2020
I had planned to start charging the car at 7 this morning, but I woke up at about five, and then next at 8! We got up and had breakfast. After breakfast Jessica and I tried a new Trivia game we had bought. The kids were not all that keen just there and then. We then had morning tea. After morning tea the kids took turns at playing PS4. The weather was ok, but not excellent. After lunch Sofia baked a cake. While the cake was in the oven we played more trivia, this time with Sofia. That lead to the other two wanting to join, so we all played together. Evie really liked it. The Egans came by so that took Jessica out for a bit. We then had afternoon tea and then Evie nagged us to play more. We did play a bit more and then I had to go and talk to farmor and farfar. I then came out and harvested a pumpkin for dinner. After dinner we played more trivia with all the kids, they liked it. From there it was normal evening routine. Sofia tried sleeping alone in the spare bedroom but it was a bit too scary and lonely so she went back to her usual bed in the early evening.

May 15, 2020
I slept in again, really have to get to bed earlier. I was only at the office shortly after seven. I set to work. I had my work quite clear for me, so that was good. We had morning video as usual. We then returned to work. Sofia went to school today as well as she is swapping day and the teacher invited her to come along. With only two kids at home the day went easier. I had lunch with the girls. We had planned to go for a walk but kids took too long to eat so we didn't. I had a meeting at two than ran for an hour and a half. We wrapped up after that taking my workday to just over 8h. From there it was fika. Sofia was very happy when she came home which was nice. After fika I played some PS4 with Sofia (her request!). I then put some polystyrene in the car for Tuesday. From there it was normal evening.

May 14, 2020
I slept to about seven today and was at work shortly after. Today was a day when things really came together. I had breakfast with the kids while Jessica was shopping. She returned home and I continued with work. As I said earlier things started to fall in place now which was really nice. I had lunch with the girls and then returned to work. In the afternoon we had a "timesheet party" where we were connected to zoom and did timesheets. I had already done mine so I was just in for the social aspect, so I did work and spoke. I wrapped up work after about 8h20m and then had fika with the kids. After fika it was science project with Frida and then I did some kitchen work before doing a bit of dinner. From there it was normal evening routine.

May 13, 2020
I got up and made the office same time as yesterday. I continued on my work. Really nothing special here. At lunchtime Jessica and Sofia went out for an appointment. I had lunch and showered and tried to get Frida to do some more school work. Jessica came home in time for afternoon tea, it took longer than expected. We had afternoon tea quite late. I wrapped up work just before after some 8h20m of work. From there it was just a cold overcast evening. Nothing special to talk about.