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Jun 8, 2019
We slept to about 7:30 and then got up. The weather was overcast but not really raining, very dark though. After breakfast Jessica had a shower and then we had morning tea. After morning tea Frida played mario cart. Sofia was upset that no-one was playing with her. Jessica was hanging laundry, Evie was intently watching Frida and I tried to get Baldur's gate 2 to run on my laptop. We then had lunch. After lunch we went to Penrith and Lollipops. It is an indoor playland. The kids had a great time, and Jessica and I had an average time. It was not really our thing, loud, lots of kids. We left there and came home and had some fika. After fika it was parents talking time as usual. After that we made dinner and from there it was normal routine until bed. It was a very dark day all up.

Jun 7, 2019
I got out of bed and made my train, not nearly as cold today, nearly 10 when I left home. At work I did some work and then all hands, from there it was a brief tea time and then a meeting to discuss copy text for the thing I'm working on. From there it was a sizing meeting and we sized some tickets. After that it was lunch and board game time. I won quite handsomely this time which was nice. After lunch I paired with Martin on a shit problem. We then did demos and then paired some more. I left the office just in time to miss the 16.01 train. I was on the 16.17 train home. I did some CSS and then played some. We had a late night as it was Friday and long weekend watching a movie with the kids and then went to bed.

Jun 6, 2019
I got up and it was only 2 degrees outside. It was time to get the fleece on. I made the train. At work I had a fairly quiet morning. I finished stuff off so I could merge things. I spoke with Martin about stuff. I had lunch with Paul Curren which was nice. We discussed many things. After lunch I had a few meetings but not too many. I made good progress on my ticket. I left work in time to be on the 16.02 with a quick sprint at Central. On the train I did CSS training and then some OpenTDD. I went to the shop and then picked up Sofia on the way home.

Jun 5, 2019
I struggled out of bed at about six thirty today, and was at the office not long after. It was cold and a bit miserable, not quite as bad as yesterday but still wet and cold. I had breakfast with the girls and then saw them off for the day. I was at home doing my work, not a whole lot I can write about a this stage. Jessica and Frida came home and we had lunch together and then I had a shower before returning to work. I finished my day at about ten to three after eight hours and fifteen minutes. I then hung laundry, gave the rabbit some food and pats, moved the cage. We had fika and I managed to squeeze in some KH3 before dinner. After dinner we watched movie and then sent everyone to bed.

Jun 4, 2019
I woke up and heard the rain, and the wind. I got up slightly earlier and made my way to the station. It does take longer to walk in the wind and rain. The train was slightly late, but not too bad. I was damp by the time it arrived. At work I had a pretty good morning. I had an "over the shoulder review" session with Kristy and Justin. It was good, I think it saved a lot of time in terms of back-and-forth on the PR. After that I had some time to work on the minor changes that came out of it. During lunch I walked to jaycar and bought an antenna cable. I then returned to the office for an afternoon of meetings. I had a triad meeting for Jenkins, I had a 1:1 with Lucy. I then had a pairing session with Martin and after that I paired with Kristy. From there I got about ten minutes to wrap up my work before heading for the door. I got held up at last minute so I missed the 16.01 by a smidgen, so I was on the 16.17 train home. On the train I did some CSS training and then played a bit.

Jun 3, 2019
I struggled out of bed at 6.30 today and was at work a few minutes later. I did some work and then had breakfast with the girls. I saw all the girls off and then cranked up the music and set to work. I did my work. Also did some annual review work. I had a late lunch with Jessica and we then went to a shop in east blaxland. It was ok. We may return and do some more shopping there. Back home again I continued work. I wrapped up work after eight hours, had a quick shower and then went and picked up Frida. We then came home and made fika. With all the girls home we had some fika. After fika we played a game Evie had created. After that Jessica and I fixed up some cabling behind the TV. After that it was dinner cooking time and from there a quick movie and then bed.

Jun 2, 2019
We got up and had breakfast. After breakfast we drove to Penrith and got new passport photos taken for the littlest ones. We then had morning tea. After morning tea we went to the shop and got some supplies. Back home again it was lunch time so we had lunch. After lunch Jessica played Kingdom Hearts while I tried to understand what was going on with the plate solver and the camera noise. I made custard to have with cake for fika. We did the rubbish and then had fika. After fika we did some online shopping, we bought more groceries as we only really did bare minimum in the morning, and a car. We then muddled around a bit. From there it was dinner cooking time, and I got my chance to play KH3. After dinner it was bed routine. No telescope as it was quite overcast tonight.

Jun 1, 2019
We got up and had breakfast, we then walked over to granny for morning tea. It took a while to get out of there, so we didn't come home until about lunch time. We had lunch and did laundry. I made a cake while Jessica bathed the two little ones. We then had afternoon tea. With that out of the way it was time to talk to farmor and farfar. From there it was really just dinner and bed left. In the evening I was out with the telescope. I had very limited success. I get really noisy images from the camera. I don't really understand what is going on. When I export them as pngs they look fine. But the are too noisy for plate solving. More practise is needed.

May 31, 2019
I got up and made the train, it was around 5 degrees when I left home so it seems winter is here now. At the office I had a few bits to do and then I paired up with Martin again. We did some stuff and then we had tea and whiteboarding. From there it was sprint demo, lunch. After all that I was going to do some work when Kristy asked "Are you busy?" so I paired with her until retro and then sprint planning. It was a pretty meeting heavy day. I left the office to be on the 16.02 train home. On the train I did some reading and then just played.

May 30, 2019
I got up and made the train. It was only 4 degrees when I left home, so winter is just about here it seems. At the office I did some stuff and then after standup I paired with Martin. We paired all day. We got a lot of stuff done which is nice. We stopped for lunch and then it was back to it. It was an all day sort of a deal. It was good. Made lots of progress. I left the office in time to be on the 16.02. I did a tiny bit of work and then played. I picked up Sofia on the way home and we walked home and had dinner and then bed time.