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Apr 15, 2018
I got up shortly after the eight news, and woke up both Sofia and Evie. Frida was already awake. I carried her into Jessica so she could make sure Jessica wouldn't go back to sleep. I made breakfast and after breakfast I sent Jessica away. She went down to the village for some morning tea and some time alone, away from little screamers and whatnot. With Jessica gone I got everyone dressed and then I made some morning tea and together we went down to the park with the curly slide. We had morning tea and then played for a bit. We got picked up by Jessica on the way home. At home we had lunch. After lunch we took a family photo outside. After that I came in and made a cake. Frida helped me. While it was cooking I did the rubbish. We then had afternoon tea. I played some minecraft with Sofia (as I had already played some with Evie earlier). I then cooked dinner together with Jessica and from there it was a normal evening until bedtime.

Apr 14, 2018
Jessica got up around seven or so and Sofia came up too and the two of them went for a walk. Evie came in around quarter to eight, and Frida shortly after. I got up after the eight news. After breakfast we all went to granny for morning tea. Back home again we hung laundry and other household chores. We had lunch. After lunch we hung the second load of laundry. I also played some Minecraft with Evie and later with Sofia. Had to make it fair. After fika it was time to talk to parents. After that it was dinner. After dinner it was normal evening routine.

Apr 13, 2018
I got up and made my train today. At the office I did some work, and review. We then had all hands and then it was standup. From there we had about an hour before we had a meeting. The meeting ran until lunch. From there it was team lunch down in Darling Harbour. It was a nice lunch, but a bit expensive. I don't think I got excellent value for the money spent. After lunch it was a quick tea and then work until early demos. After demos it was a brief moment for work and then we had a team event. We were supposed to drink whisky and play Carcassonne, but we ended up just sitting and talking for nearly an hour and a half before we played a game of Carcassonne. It was good. I stayed until 18. and managed to make the 18.33 train home. I watched some BSG on the train, and read my novel a bit as well.

Apr 12, 2018
I got up and made my train. At the office I had a quick breakfast before meeting with Joey. We went for a walk and talked about stuff. I then went and got my flu shot. Back at the office it was tea time. I then did some work and then it was tea time proper. After that I had a brief time before we had a meeting. The meeting ran over by about 10 minutes. I then played a board game with the usual suspects during lunch. After lunch it was smooth sailing until about 14:00 when we had cake. After that it was a bit more work and then we left the office around 15.30 to walk down to the movies. We then saw Ready Player One. It was ok. Just ok. Not excellent, but not terrible. I was on the 19.20 train home. On the train I just played some openttd but felt bored with it, so I read/edited my story instead. It is surprisingly good.

Apr 11, 2018
I got up at about six thirty and went to work. It was a bit of a frustrating day. I had lots of just 'nit' comments on my PR. I wanted it merged, so rather than arguing I just did them, but it was frustrating. I also had a review of documents. I had lunch with Jessica and Frida. It was good, but it was reasonably brief. I returned to work. I tried to start a new ticket but things just kept interrupting me. I minded Frida while Jessica went and got the big girls. Frida had a good long cry about it. I think the little girl was quite tired after two days of pre-school. Eventually she came around though. We had afternoon tea together. I wrapped up work after about 9 hours of work. I walked over to Bryan to help him with a thing. Back home I helped Sofia with her assignment. I just helped her with a bit of formatting and typesetting. We had dinner and then tried to get all the girls to bed.

Apr 10, 2018
I got up and made my train. At work I was the first one in. I had breakfast and then set to work. We had a late early tea at just before nine. We then did some work and then did proper standup and tea. We had sprint planning after and then it was more work. Lunch rolled around and I had lunch with PK from times of old. It was good to catch up. After lunch I had tea with Lucy and then we had our 1:1 we went to kokoblack and had hot chocolate. According to Lucy it is the best hot chocolate in Sydney. It was good, arguably it is the best one. Back at my desk it was more work and then before I knew it, it was home time. I left the office just too late to make the 4.05, arguably I was delayed by the train from Wynyard, either way I missed the 4.05 and thus went on the 4.18. I watched a BSG episode and read my novel. At home I put the censor for CGM in, and promptly found my phone's nfc doesn't work properly.

Apr 9, 2018
I got up around six thirty and was at the office not long after. I started the day by updating packages on our servers. From there it was to work. I did my stuff. I had a PR up around lunch time. I also did reviews, and read some e-mails and stuff. I spent the day back and forth on my PR. I was hoping to get it merged by the end of the day, but alas I did not. I had lunch with Jessica. From there it was back to work. I picked up Frida at quarter past three. Little girl. We walked home and started making fika. The big girls soon arrived home. We had fika on the deck. I returned to work for a bit. I ended up doing about 10 hours of work, which is arguably a bit much. I then sat down and helped Sofia with her homework. Most of what I did was to say words that essentially meant "stay on target" "focus" "do the work you need to do". We had dinner and Sofia did some more homework after dinner. While Jessica read to the kids I had a shower. We then sat down for some quiet time together.

Apr 8, 2018
Jessica got up around seven Sofia and Frida came in not too long after. I got up shortly before eight. We had breakfast all of us. We put on some laundry and then we got everyone ready. Sofia and I biked to Lennox park while the other girls went in the car. It went much better today, much less walking up hills and stuff, plus I knew the route so we didn't take any long way arounds. At Lennox park some people had a birthday party so we sat under a tree and had our morning tea. Sofia still biked around undeterred. We then left there to go home. Frida really wanted to go on the swing so Jessica drove to Whitton park. Sofia and I dropped off the bike at home and then walked there. At the park the kids had fun for a bit. We then got everyone in the car to drive home. Evie, of course, decided to kick up a fuss over nothing. So I got her out and we walked home. At home we had lunch and then we talked about what to do with the day. We did some laundry. The girls then did nail polish. I supervised them and they thought it would be the best thing in the world if I also had some. So now I have nail polish on my hands, one done by Sofia and one done by Evie. I had to sit for a bit to let things dry. I hung some laundry (once it had dried a bit) and then we had fika. After fika we did homework with Sofia. I then started cooking dinner while Jessica gave the other two a bath. From there it was pretty normal evening.

Apr 7, 2018
Sofia came in at about seven and was nagging us to get up from around seven thirty. We eventually got up. We had breakfast and then we drove down to the village. Frida, Evie and I went to the new park while Sofia and Jessica went and bought a dragon and morning tea. Little did we know that today was the grand opening of the park. I exchanged a few words with the mayor while the kids played. Sofia and Jessica came and we had morning tea and then went home. We stopped on the way home at Whitton park So Frida could swing a bit more. At home we had lunch. After lunch Sofia and I biked to Lennox park while Jessica and the girls drove there. It took us a bit of time as I didn't want to go along busy roads. At the park Sofia biked around and around and around. I pushed Frida on the swing. We then biked home again and had afternoon tea. After that it was time to talk to parents and then it was dinner and normal evening routine.

Apr 6, 2018
I got up and made my train, which was nice. At the office I merged my PR and then it was all hands time. After the all hands it was more conflict resolution. We had a retro at 11. From there it was lunch and a board game. After lunch it was more usual work. At around three we had demos and i showed off my work, as it was the combined work of everyone. We then ended up talking more, as we do. I still made my train with not many minutes to spare. On the train I watched more BSG season 2. Nearly done with it now.