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Oct 9, 2019
I slept better again, only waking up around 5. I got up had a shower and then spoke with the family. At about seven thirty I went down for breakfast and met Zoe there. From there we caught a cab to the office. At the office it was a busy day as usual. I had meetings, and I prepared my brown-bag for tomorrow, I reviewed code. It is pretty full on, and it is hard for an introvert. I don't get enough time alone to recoup. We went out to a vegetarian place for lunch, it was quite good. Back at the office I worked with Skiera on a thing. From there we caught a cab back to the hotel. It was quite slow going. We dropped bags and then went out and bought some things for family. We came back to the office and I had a lie-down as I was quite tired. At about ten to seven we met again and walked out to Fellini where we met the Bamboo team for dinner. It was a nice restaurant and nice food. They wanted to go out drinking but I was not in a shape for that (and neither was Imran nor Zoe). So we came back to the hotel at about 22.30 it had been a long day, but good. On the way back Krystian spoke of pulling the plug out of the canal, and came to the conclusion that the key to the plug must be at the mayor's office.

Oct 8, 2019
I slept alright last night. I woke up around 2.30 and felt wide awake. I tossed and turned and probably drifted off a bit, at about six I decided to get up. I had a quick chat with Jessica and then had a shower and then went down and had breakfast with Zoe and Imran. Zoe and I decided to walk to the office, it was a nice walk, quite easy. Took us about an hour to get to the office. We did stop for tea and shopping as well. At the office we had a meeting. Then I had a discussion with Skiera on pipes. We then had lunch, we went out for pizza. I tried a 'white pizza' which was pretty nice. Back at the office I had a brief moment before next meeting kicked in. It was a long workshop, it took all afternoon. It finished at five. Imran and I caught an uber to the hotel, and I called my parents and they came to my hotel. We walked out together and had dinner. It was nice to see them. I came back to the hotel and felt really quite tired so I did not do much and instead went to bed.

Oct 7, 2019
I woke up around five, but tried to sleep some more. I got up at about six and had a call with the girls at home. I read my book a bit and then went down and had breakfast. Zoe joined for breakfast not long after. We came back up to our rooms and got ready. We left by cab at about nine. The driver drove *very* aggressively, lots of start-stop and rapid breaking. It made me motion-sick. Not far from the office I had to get out, so we stopped, I vomited and then we started walking. We crossed a road so for good measure I vomited before crossing (why did the developer cross the road? ;)). We made it to the office and I felt alright. I was low so I had a little bit of juice. I had a meeting at 11, I did not get a chance to prepare so I just had to wing it. We could have moved it but I felt alright. I did throw up before the meeting (into a bin) and then rushed to the toilet and vomited again. I then felt remarkably better so I could hold the meeting without feeling too shit. From there it was a brief break before it was more meeting. After meeting we went for lunch. I did not really feel like eating, but I forced down about 2/3s of the food. Back at the office I felt decidedly crap. We were meant to go go-carting in the afternoon. I had looked forward to this but I was in no shape. I did feel ok, though so I thought I'd come along, even if I didn't drive. We caught a cab there, this driver drove much better, this time we made it to destination before I threw up. I watched the others race a bit, but it was making me feel worse. Zoe had enough after one race and we eventually decided to catch a tram back to the hotel. It was better than car, but I was not well. We got off at central Gdansk as I needed to vomit again. This time I emptied my stomach completely so next time I needed to vomit I couldn't. Zoe and I then walked back to the hotel. It was a bit longer due to the sudden getting off of the tram. It was ok though. I did actually enjoy the walk, we got to know each other much better. We came back to the hotel without issue (GPS is amazing). I went to the local supermarket and bought a bread roll and a banana to have for dinner. I ended up having an early evening, I was not feeling great and I think this is my body telling me to rest.

Oct 6, 2019
I woke up at around five, I decided it was too early to get out of bed so I rolled over, but I don't think I fell asleep. I got up around six. I muddled around the room for a bit, wrote my delayed diary note for yesterday. At around 7:30 I went down for breakfast. Imran was already down and had finished eating. Sleeping early and not having dinner had made him very hungry. Zoe joined us not long after. We spoke about what we were going to do with the day. I suggested a few things, but I don't think they were interested in the same things as I am. I did ask that we'd go to a 'happy museum', but alas, the decision ended on the WW2 museum. We went up to our rooms for a bit as the museum only opened at 10. I had a call with the girls at home and then we met up and went out for our walk to the museum. The weather was nice then a bit cool but alright. The museum was, stark, grim, and quite frankly confronting. I could not look at all the exhibitions as there is only so much bad stuff I can take in one go. From there we went out and found the weather to be increasingly wet. We found a pizzeria and had lunch. While we ate the weather cleared and we walked back to the hotel. I had a call with Jessica and then went down for some tea and did a bit of work. We came back up to our rooms and I did some more work and then read my book for a bit. I felt quite tired then, jet-lag hitting me. We met again at quarter to seven and went out for dinner to a Mexican place. It was good food, but I'm not that keen on Mexican. They did have more than one vegetarian option though, so that was good. We came back home went to our rooms for the night.

Oct 5, 2019
I got up a little bit earlier as I had to do the last minute thing for packing and then also carry my bag to the station. Jessica got up and told me she would drive me. That gave more time than I anticipated. We left home a smidgen late so I missed the 6.30 train. It was not a big deal, but I feel disappointed in myself for not being more on top of it, we should have left five minutes earlier and had no reason not to. Anyway, on the train I couldn't sleep so I read my book a bit. At the office it was a normal morning. I had a meeting with my team to go over the results from yesterday. I had the normal Friday morning meeting and then I had an early lunch at about 11. After that I went to the air port to do some waiting. I checked in fine without trouble. I was a bit low so I got a coffee and a croissant and ate that at the gate. I then went and found the lounge and Imran. Zoe arrived shortly after. They at and drank (wine I think). I had tea. We sat around and spoke and waited. Eventually it was our time to board so we went to the gate and got into our seats. Business class is very nice. I had a good amount of space around me, ample space for bags and legs and that. I watched movies (Tolkien, which was good, I enjoyed it, 2040, also good but different from a drama type movie, I think I may have watched something else as well that I can't remember so obviously not very good or I would have remembered). I did not sleep at all on the flight. We touched down half an hour early in Singapore. We walked to our gate (about a fifteen-twenty minute walk) and then went through security. I had no problems, but Imran got held up. He got held up pretty much everywhere along the way. It speaks poorly of immigration/customs I think. He, I and Zoe all had exactly the same iternary and were traveling together. We got through fine, and he is held up. I guess racism is not quite gone yet. Singapore to Helsinki was a good flight. I ate dinner and then laid down (!) and slept pretty well. I woke up a few times with a dry mouth, had some water and rolled over again. I think I slept a good eight hours. We arrived about twenty minutes early to Helsinki and went around to find our gate. I passed through immigration without a hassle (European passports are powerful documents). Zoe got held up briefly, but Imran got through alright with only minimal questions. We found our gate and then went and had a morning coffee. I had coffee and cinnamon bun. The plane to Gdansk was a small turbo-prop. It departed on time and took us to Gdansk without issue. I even snoozed a bit on that plane. In Gdansk we got a cab to the hotel but our rooms were not ready (we arrived at nine, check-in was at three). They took our bags and we set out to explore Gdansk a bit. I felt really quite well, but neither Imran nor Zoe had slept well on the plane so they were quite tired. We had second morning tea, but I didn't eat anything. We came back to the hotel (rooms not ready), and asked about a good vegetarian restaurant. They pointed us to one, so we went there for lunch. It was very nice, and quite cheap ($40 for the three of us). We had lunch and then came to the hotel. Our rooms were ready so we got up to our rooms, had a shower. Imran and Zoe had a rest, I sat in the lobby for a bit reading. Zoe and I went out for dinner, Imran didn't make, probably fast asleep. We went around the city the restaurant we wanted were full, so we went back to the vegetarian one and had a very nice dinner there. We came home and went to bed.

Oct 3, 2019
I got up and made my train. I was actually quite early today which was a bit weird, it is usually not that way. At the office I had breakfast and then it was full on all day. I had people asking me stuff, had meetings, people demanding attention and so on. I had lunch and then went out to get Jessica some chocolates. I walked up Martin place and there was some sort of event on. Looked like there were people sporting on big screens. I squeezed by all the people standing there watching. I bought said chocolates and came back to the office. Had a cancelled meeting and then Blitz. It went reasonably well. We then spoke about results and from there I rushed to the train. I left the office at 16.00 and made the 16.17 train home. At home I packed my bags for tomorrow.

Oct 2, 2019
I got up at six thirty and went to work. I had breakfast with the girls and then returned to work. I worked throughout the day. I had morning tea and around ten Richard came over to talk about building stuff. I then had a meeting and before long it was lunch. I had lunch with the girls and then plugged the car in to charge and read the release notes for the latest update. I came in and got all my things out for the travel. I had a shower and then I had a quick rest. At around three Bryan, Christine and Jane came over for afternoon tea. At four I spoke to parents and then had a meeting with Poland. I wrapped up after that having done just over six hours of work. It was a short day, but I will fly for work over the weekend so I don't feel bad about that. During the meeting my next meeting got cancelled so I came out and made dinner. The girls all arrived home at about six and we ate and did the normal evening routine.

Oct 1, 2019
I got up and made my train. While I was tired I still made it. At work I had lots of meetings. I tried to get everything done that needed doing but I did not have time for it. I was meant to go out and get Jessica something during lunch, but I totally forgot. After lunch it was more meetings for me. At the end of the day Zoe spoke deployments with me and Ali, so I was about an hour late leaving the office. I made the 17.01 train home. I was really quite tired on the train home. I listened to hammerfall's new album and watched Star Trek.

Sep 30, 2019
We slept better last night, only getting up around seven. We had breakfast and then I walked out to get some sandwich bags as we needed that for lunch. Back home again we packed and with everything packed we went out and had some morning tea. After morning tea we came up to our rooms and made lunch and then went and checked out. We walked to Central and caught the train to the airport. It all went very smooth, only had about a 10 min wait at Central for the train. At the airport it was busy and not a lot of places for us to be. We were a bit early with checkin so we sat down and had an early lunch and went to the bathroom and such. We went and checked in and then went through the security check. On the other side there was slightly more stuff but not a whole lot. We had a coffee/tea/juice while we waited. The plane boarded nearly on time and took off nearly on time. The flight went well, I did not have a repeat of the pain, but I did have some pain, but having read about it (knowing it is sinuses that cannot equalize pressure I was more 'on the ball' and did the age old 'blow out your nose while you hold your nose' trick and it seems to have worked. We landed on time in Sydney and quickly found our train and went home. We got picked up in Glenbrook and came home and had dinner. After dinner we put everyone to bed slightly early and they were all asleep very soon. All in all it was a good trip I think.

Sep 29, 2019
Sofia was up at around 5.50, we sent her back to bed. We all got up around seven. We had our breakfast and then we out. We walked down to Queen street mall and had morning tea. From there we walked to South Bank and explored it a bit. We went to the artificial beach that is created there. We told the kids to only go in up to their ankles, so the promptly ignored that and Evie fell in. The day was warm so we just continued our walk as she would dry in the air pretty quickly. We walked to to the Botanical gardens and from there we walked to Edward street and started our journey home. We stopped and got lunch from Subway and I took a detour to Woolies for some additional supplies. At home we had lunch and then sat down for an hour or so. We then walked out again and found some afternoon tea. Jessica went into H&M and bought some things. We walked home and I cooked dinner again. After dinner we put tired girls to bed.