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Mar 15, 2019
We got up and got everyone ready for school. After dropping off big kids we went and bought some morning tea and then went home and had said tea. After morning tea we went outside and tried to find our storm drains. Last night we had observed that one of them were overflowing during heavy rain. We dug it out and cleared it. Ending up all muddy, all 3 of us. We came inside and had lunch. After lunch Jessica showered while Frida and I did stuff around the house. After that we laid some puzzles and whatnot. I walked over to granny and borrowed their green bin and we filled it up (with their permission of course). I then wheeled it back. I had a shower shortly before picking up the girls. We came home and had afternoon tea. From there it was a fairly normal afternoon. We had dinner and then bedtime.

Mar 14, 2019
I got up at seven thirty and got the big girls up. We woke Frida up at about eight. After breakfast I got lunches ready and then we took the girls to school. From there we went and got petrol and then drove home. At home we had the all important morning tea. We then went outside in the garden and did gardening. We prepared the spot where we want to plant two climbers. I put compost in and covered it so that it can do its thing while we get the rest of what we need for it. We spoke to the neighbour about stuff. We then came in and had lunch. During lunch Jessica realised she had mother's group today, so the two of them whisked off and left me alone at home. I spent the time working on my tank sensor. It is very nearly ready now. I need some housing for it and a power source. I went down and met Jessica and Frida at the club and we went and got the big kids. At home we had afternoon tea. I did some more work, very quickly on the driver and then I cooked dinner. In the evening it poured down, and we got some hail as well. No power outage though, so we didn't get to try out our new battery, the time will come though.

Mar 13, 2019
I slept in today, I didn't get out of bed until 7.30. I woke up the big two and got them ready for school. Frida came up a bit later. We drove to school as it was raining, on the way back we stopped by the shop to get some milk and morning tea. Back home we had said morning tea. After morning tea Jessica went to the shop while Frida and I stayed home. I laid a puzzle and we did some gardening (it was not raining very much, in fact not at all while we were digging). We then came in and emptied the dishwasher together. She watched some animal shows on ABC while I played kingdom hearts 3. We then had lunch. Jessica arrived home during lunch. After lunch we did some general tidying up at home, we also played some Harry potter Lego. Before we knew it, it was time to pick up the girls. We set a new record today, 7 minutes from when bell rang until we were in the car. We drove to Penrith and went to yoguberry. It was ok. The kids liked it though. From there it was an additional shop (as we had now thought of dinner), and then home and cook said dinner. After dinner we finished watching Howl's moving castle before bed time.

Mar 12, 2019
I got up at around seven today, Jessica slept in. I got the kids ready for school, Jessica came up and joined us for breakfast. I took Frida to pre-school and then we all walked to school. Back home again we had morning tea, just the two of us. After that we went to Bunnings and bought some stuff. Back home again we did laundry and I played some Child of Light. We had lunch. After lunch I put Jessica in the shower and then sent her to get her hair cut (she's been talking about it for ages, so i thought 'enough talk!'). I stayed home and did work in the computer room. Jessica came home and we went and picked up the kids. We had fika and then Jessica and I did some planting of the flowers we had bought. I also played some Kingdom hearts 3. The kids did some homework and we cooked dinner. From there it was usual evening routine.

Mar 11, 2019
We slept well today. I had planned to get up early to read e-mail but decided to not do that. It was the right decision. I got up and woke up the kids. I then started making breakfast. Today was the first day of mine and Jessica's holiday. Jessica gets a break from the normal morning/afternoon run and I get a break from commuting and whatnot. We got the kids ready for school and then walked first Frida and then the bigger kids to school. From there Jessica took me out for morning tea. We walked home and hung laundry and cleaned the kitchen. Jessica sat down and played some PS4 while I read old e-mails. I got the unread count down from about 200 something to 4. Feels much better. I also cleared out crap that had accumulated. We had lunch and after lunch I hung more laundry and general tidy up around the house. We played some PS4 together. Jessica went and picked up the big kids and I picked up a very happy little Frida. At home we had a rushed afternoon tea and then took Sofia to art class, Jessica and the kids went to a book launch and I stayed home and took laundry in and made dinner. We had dinner together and then watched some more of Howl's moving castle before bedtime.

Mar 10, 2019
We slept in quite a bit today, not so strange given we were up late yesterday. We got up past eight thirty! After breakfast Sofia and I rode the bike down to highway hardware and bought some silicone to fix a few gaps here and there around the house.We came home and had morning tea. After morning tea Jessica and Sofia went shopping for a birthday gift for Evie's party in the afternoon. Evie didn't want to go. I put on laundry, and cleaned the kitchen while they were away. Once home we had lunch and then hung laundry. We muddled around a bit, just doing the rubbish and the usual Sunday chores. Jessica dropped off Evie at the party and came home and we had afternoon tea. While we had fika we had dinner cooking. After fika I made nutella ice-cream, while Jessica did the last touches on dinner before we put it into the oven. Jessica went and picked up Evie while I finished off dinner. We had dinner and then I spoke to farmor and farfar as we didn't speak yesterday. From there it was normal evening routine until bedtime.

Mar 9, 2019
We slept a bit longer today, not getting up until past eight. After breakfast we went outside and did some gardening, specifically we dug holes and put compost in, in preparation for planting some trees. Sofia baked cup cakes inside. We had morning tea. I then cleaned the kitchen and then shaved. From there we had lunch. After lunch I showered and we gave the kids baths. With everyone clean we had afternoon tea. After that it was getting ready for birthday party time. We left home about 17:20 and drove to Erin's place. We had dinner and spent the evening there. Lots of people, not many I knew. We left there around eight. We came home and got everyone ready for bed and then sat down for a bit before putting them in bed. It was a late evening for us all.

Mar 8, 2019
I got up and made my train. At the office I had a quiet morning, until meetings. We had a retro, then team lunch. After lunch I had an hour to get my tickets in order, then sprint planning, after that it was a town hall. Another hour to get everything in order and then demos. The demos ran over, so I didn't leave the office until 17.30 which was a bit annoying as that meant I was on the 18.02 train home. At home I had a quick dinner and then we watched a bit of a movie before bed. It was quite a long day at work.

Mar 7, 2019
I got up and made the train. I snoozed quite ok on the train. At the office I had a DoS sync in the morning and quite a few meetings before lunch. They were valuable, but they did prevent me from doing other work. I had lunch with Robert M, which is always good. It all started as a mentoring (me mentoring him) kind of relationship but given role movements and whatnot it is no longer that kind of relationship but still good. Back at the office I finally got to do what I needed to do. I got most of it covered. I had a 1:1 with Mark in the afternoon, it was good. I made the 16.02 train home. On the way to the train I looked at the wrong timetable (Glenbrook->Central rather than Central->Glenbrook) and for a moment felt angry that they had removed my train (as the 'next' train was there the 16.17). On the train I realised my mistake and felt relieved. On the train I did CSS training and then played some Open TTD.

Mar 6, 2019
I slept in a bit today but I made it to the office at about quarter to seven. I had my bug, I finished it up. I had three support cases to work on as well. I had morning tea briefly with Jessica before returning to work. I then returned to work. I had lunch at about twelve. I had a quick lunch and then returned to work. I stopped work at about quarter to one. From there Jessica drove me to Penrith and I saw "the eye doctor". They dilated my pupils, and did the checks (all good). I was out again at about two thirty. I got picked up by Jessica and then we drove and got some fika and pick up the girls. At home we had said fika and I then laid down in bed in a dark room. I stayed in there for maybe an hour. I got out and helped make dinner. From there it was fairly normal evening. We sat down and watched Howl's moving castle before bed with the kids.