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Jul 12, 2018
I slept in, or something this morning, because I left the house at 6.20 which is 5 minutes late. I ran for the train and just made it. At the office I had a quick breakfast and then met Joey and we went for a walk and a talk. Back in the office I started my day proper. I had one case and a few other bits and pieces to sort through. During lunch we played 7 wonders. Back at my desk I did some normal work but mostly support. I left the office in time to be on the 16.04 train home. On the train I worked on my mojo. I got it very nearly there. In the evening at home I got it doing most of what it needed to do. I've now solved all the hard things, now it is just a matter of stringing together the other bits needed.

Jul 11, 2018
It was cool in the morning, around 3 degrees. Much warmer inside but still cool. I struggled out of bed and made it to the office at about ten to seven. I did 'normal' work until lunch. I had lunch with Evie. Jessica and Frida joined a bit later. We then did yoga on the wii, trying to stretch and bend ourselves a bit to get better. After lunch I did support work most of the afternoon. Granny, Jane and Granddad came over for afternoon tea. I was done with work after about eight and a half hours. I had a quick tea with them before returning to work. I had finished work before then but I wanted to get some work done on my mojo. I made really great progress today. I wrapped up shortly before five and then spent some time walking around the house to get more steps in, as well as keeping Jessica company. Sofia came home shortly before dinner. We had dinner and then got all the kids to bed. From there it was normal routine for us.

Jul 10, 2018
I got up and made the train. It was slightly cool in the morning. At the office I had my old case still there, I also had normal work to do. After standup I moved desks to sit with support. I worked on my case most of the day. I also work on some of my other work. During lunch I spoke with Kenwar about writing fiction. I did minimal plotting and then back to work. I had a 1:1 with Lucy which is always pleasant and nice. Back at my desk I did more work, mostly normal work. I left the office in time to be on the 16.04 train home. On the train I worked on a 120% project. I made really good progress. We'll see how it turns out once it is all there, it looks promising and cool.

Jul 9, 2018
It was cool in the morning, less than 5 degrees. I got up and was at the office at quarter to seven. I started my day. Late in the morning I found out I was going on support again, so I switched gears and looked at the one support case I had. It took me all day. It was complex, and I still don't fully understand what is going on with it. During lunch Jessica, Sofia, Evie and I went for a short walk. Back home we had lunch before I returned to work. I wrapped up work around three or so. I did some 120% time working on a mojo. I then went and picked up little Frida. She was quite happy, talking the whole way home. At home we had a very quick afternoon tea before going down to the dentist. We were in time, with 10 minutes to spare. We waited and Sofia went first, she did really well. Even went second and did really well as well. Frida went third and was a bit scared. Not much for her really, it was more about getting her used to the idea of dentists. Back home again I made dinner and we then had our usual routine until bedtime.

Jul 8, 2018
Jessica got up and went for a walk. Frida was awake not long after and I went and got her into bed with me. She laid fairly still. We got up before eight today. We had breakfast and then did some basic chores. From there it was morning tea. After morning tea Jessica and I went through some papers we had accumulated over the years.We threw out a good part of them. We fixed the windows on the cubby house, so now they're not banging in the wind. We had lunch. After lunch we went to the shop to get a few bits and pieces. At home I quickly made chocolate balls and we had that and cinnamon buns for afternoon tea. From there I got the laundry down, peeled potatoes and while they were cooking went outside and emptied the compost, put some more dirt around the compost. Back inside I had a quick call with farmor and farfar due to recent events. I then cleaned the kitchen and made the rest of the dinner. We had dinner and after dinner Sofia and Frida had a shower and a bath respectively. From there it was the usual journey until bedtime.

Jul 7, 2018
We slept in today, not getting up until past eight thirty. We had breakfast and then went to granny for morning tea. After morning tea we came home and hung laundry. From there I quickly made the dough for cinnamon buns. While it was rising in the oven we had lunch. After lunch we made cinnamon buns. It took until three thirty until we were done. We had afternoon tea and then I spoke to farmor and farfar. From there we had dinner and then a pretty normal routine until bedtime. In the early evening I got a call from farmor and farfar telling me that mormor Ingrid had passed away. While we had waited for the call, it is always sad when it happens. It put a bit of a damper on the evening to say the least.

Jul 6, 2018
I slept in a bit this morning so I missed my train. I made the next one though. I got to the office just before eight. I had a few things to do so I set about doing that. During lunch I went out and met a person to try to organise something for Jessica's birthday. It went well. Back at the office we were close to integrating which was good. We found a few issues, as you always do. We struggled through the afternoon trying to track down the problem. At 14.55 I thought I had the solution. I did a very quick test and it seemed to work. It took 2 minutes to compile and another minute to start up. Demos were at 15.00. It didn't quite work. We used "smoke and mirrors" during the presentation to hide this one problem we had. It all went well but we did not win any prices. I left the office at about 16.15 which meant I could be on the 16.28 train home. It was good it was not too long a day.

Jul 5, 2018
I got up and made the train. It was foggy in the city but it cleared early on. I set to work pretty much right away. We had morning tea together and then it was more work. I had a 1:1 with Lucy and we went for a walk today. It was good, always is. She's a good leader. Back at the office it was more work. I had lunch with Rob as we do every two months or so. It is always nice. From there it was more tea and more work. We started integrating and found a few small minor things. Got that all fixed and we're getting closer to a real thing now. It is pretty good. I left on the office to be on the 16.04 train home, i preparation for picking up Sofia from art class, but it was not on. On the train I watched a documentary about ISS which was interesting.

Jul 4, 2018
I slept in today, it was really hard to get out of bed. I only made it to the office at 6.45. I had a pretty good day. I got some stuff sorted from a recent migration. I did some more reviews and then I did some more work on our current week long project. I picked up a problem from our team in Gdansk and after lunch I managed to solve it. During lunch Jessica and I did some Wii Yoga, trying to get more bendable and flexible. After lunch it was back to the grindstone. I finished up work around three and came with Jessica to pick up the girls. Back home we had afternoon tea. I did some more work so I clocked in about 8.5 hours today. I went for a bike ride with Sofia and did some forensics on a drive from a friend of Bryan. With that the day was pretty much over. We had a late dinner and then got all the girls to bed.

Jul 3, 2018
I slept to about six, got out of bed at six forty or so. I was at the office shortly after. I had a few things to do, as always. I did some reviews as I didn't want to fall too far behind. I then turned my attention to our project. I progressed a number of them. During lunch Jessica and I walked down to the village to get some bread and exercise. Back home we had a quick lunch before I returned to work. I wrapped up at about quarter past three after 8.5 hours of work. I went and picked up Frida and together we sat down and watched some Lion king. Evie and Jessica came home and we had afternoon tea with granddad that was here working on the front path. From there I did "home duties". I cleaned the kitchen, cooked food, all those sort of things. We had dinner and then Jessica went and picked up Sofia while I got the other two ready for bed. We then got everyone in bed and called it a night.