CUDA pause
Sep 20, 2012
A short update on my CUDA progress. Not all that interesting actually but for those playing along at home it may be of interest.
I've not blogged about CUDA for some time now. The reason is quite simple, I have not done much at all actually. I started writing a GTK+ application that would make use of CUDA. However now life has sort of gotten in the way. Right now I have a lot of things going on in my personal life, this means I will not be able to do as much CUDA as I would like. I am still excited about it and I will return to it. Rather than seeing this as abandonment I see it as a mid semester break. I do not quite know when I will return but I hope it will not be too long. I still have lots of stuff I want to do with CUDA some of it useful some of it fun some outright silly but all of it cool. I will post again once my course resumes. Until then happy CUDAing, do check out CUDA 5 it contains lots of cool stuff. If only I had a good reason to get a new Kepler card!

Category: CUDA, Software , Programming